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Hutch: Hello! This is my first comment. I hope you'll also try out this feature and add a comment. The system will format your post with name followed by a colon. If you choose not to add your name (it's optional) the system will insert No-Name and a colon after. Of course your comment field is required.

No-Name: Here's an example of a comment where the poster's name was not included.

Hutch: And, here is a test comment added from my cell phone.

No-Name: And, here is another test comment added from my phone.

Hutch 10/19/22 09:49:14 am : Comment with new date and time function added.

Hutch 10/20/22 01:58:29 pm : Testing to see if the AM/PM changes as needed.

Hutch 10/20/22 09:59:32 pm : Interesting! Had to write the code to specify the correct time zone for system time stamps.
Hutch 10/30/22 10:05:18 am : Test new form format.
Hutch 11/01/22 07:17:32 pm : Test immediate write and read
Hutch 11/03/22 07:14:56 pm : As you can now see, the capability exists to read comments, add a comment, and see it posted immediately.
Hutch 11/09/22 08:29:17 am : Just received, and deleted, the first spam to be placed in the comment section. Interesting!
Hutch 12/23/22 08:14:29 am : Today is the first day that the outdoor thermometer registered a colder temp (7) than the online report (11).
Hutch 12/25/22 06:12:51 pm : Received and deleted another spam entry in the comment file.
Hutch 02/04/23 07:37:31 am : Deleted some old code and testing to ensure this routine still works.
Ervin Farkas 05/15/23 07:38:49 pm : Hey Hutch, I see you're playing with AI - as a visual artist, have you given AI art a try yet? I'm having a lot of fun asking for all kinds of computer-generated graphics and paintings.
Hutch 05/16/23 06:51:21 am : Hi Ervin! Great to hear from you! I haven't tried requesting graphics or art. I'll have to look into that. Have you been able to use in your business the art and graphics which you are requesting?
Hutch 05/16/23 07:12:46 am : Testing new banner replacement.

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