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Sling TV

AUGUST 11, 2022

Sling TV

08/10/22 08:04 PM

Some time ago we had a Sling account and really enjoyed it. We were watching a hurricane's progress as it made its way toward our home while we were in the car running from it. As silly as it may sound, that was fun and interesting, even if a bit scary.

Well, one thing we're really enjoying in our new place is rock solid high speed internet and we've once again subscribed to Sling TV to take full advantage of the streaming capabilities it provides. We're subscribed to both of the major packages and the sports add on, which provides me with plenty of tennis and golf.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming US Open Tennis tournament, held each year in September and located in New York City. It's always interesting even if I'm still getting used to the unruly crowds at most tennis events that used to be so unique to New York's event. What a culture shift!

Speaking of culture shirts, I also enjoy Fox News and am looking forward to all of the election returns (and the political activities leading up to those elections) coming up this November, as well as the lead up to the 2024 election season, and in particular the presidential campaign and election.

Should all prove to be very interesting!

Phillips 2200

AUGUST 10, 2022

Phillips 2200

08/10/22 06:05 AM

Up early today after a nice rain last night and crashing relatively early. As usual, Lily's up early and hanging out with me as I write.

Wanted to expand on my doctor's visit yesterday. Dr. Morgan is exactly the kind of doctor we were looking for and hoping for. I suppose different people are looking for different things from their doctor, based on the reviews. However, I'm quite satisfied with the way things worked out and my expectations were certainly met for our new doctor, the facility, and the practice as a whole.

On a different note, it's sort of ironic that Amazon shipped me the wrong coffee maker. After further review of the features that didn't come with our down level machine, I'm quite satisfied with what we got and the refund that was applied by Amazon.

We ordered the Phillips 3200, but received the 2200. I already had it out of the box, put together, and was testing when I discovered the difference. In fact, I feared that I had ordered the wrong one until I checked. Had I better understood the selections, I would have probably ordered the 2200 so things worked out well. And, it was nice to see a $150 refund added to our account for the difference between the two.

Another Busy Day

AUGUST 09, 2022

Busy Day 3

08/09/22 07:40 PM

So much going on today that here is quarter 'till 8 PM and I'm just now sitting down to blog, while I squeeze in my weight training. Bench presses done, curls next!

Got in a visit to my new doctor up in Gadsden, worked with the guys doing the yard, got in a run, ate supper and set up the new cappuccino machine and tried it out! Stuck a shower in there somewhere.

Looks like we've got some 'figuring' to do on cutting the back. Seems it's just too steep, even for the pros. Will have to figure that one out!

Great find on the new doctor. She also had a good recommendation for me regarding my search for a dermatologist. Hope to get that scheduled soon!

Running Log

AUGUST 08, 2022

Running Log

08/07/22 06:06 PM

When today's run is complete, it's a ten mile countdown until I hit the boundary for 8,000 miles logged in my running log. I started the log when I started blogging about running back in September of 2005.

For anyone so motivated, I suppose my average miles run per year can be calcualted. I'm also guessing this means I'll hit the 8,000 mile mark this coming weekend, if everything goes according to plan.

I have often wished I had started my running log when I started running, back in September of 1990 right after I completed my MBA at Georgia State. I estimate I would probably have over twice the number of miles logged if that had been the case.

Foot Note


08/08/22 7:41 AM


Today we are scheduled to have our back yard bush hogged and cut. I'm not sure the picture does justice to just how high some areas have grown, but I'm looking forward to getting the job done along with several other things.

Just got a call from the yard guys and they pushed our project out one day.

08/08/22 1:33 PM


Got a call from the eye doctor that they had a double cancellation and could take us both this morning. Got that done and new contacts ordered for Patty and new glasses for me. Should be in in less that 2 weeks. Woohoo!


Also, just got in my 2 miler at a 9:09 pace (6.6 on the treadmill.)

Still sweating!

Off day on the 3 day weight rotation.

We the People

AUGUST 07, 2022

We the People

08/07/22 07:25 AM

With our new Sling account, I've been watching a lot of golf and tennis. Took a break from all of that last night and watched God's Not Dead: We the People. That's one I'm delighted to have in my DVD library and I watch it when I'm looking for inspiration.

The writing on the God's Not Dead series is quite good in my opinion. Of course I'm no expert at writing a screenplay, but I do know what works well for me and that entire series has been an inspiration on all sorts of levels for me personally.

I have quite a lengthy list of DVD's in my library that have a strong spiritual component and it is always inspiring to spend an evening engrossed in one of the stories. I suppose I'm like those readers who don't mind going back to the same book over and over again, except for me it's movies.

Foot Note

08/07/22 9:50 AM

Weight Training

Well, yesterday I added a bold title for my footnotes topic. Pretty cool.

I also got in day 2 with my 3 day weight rotation. Day 2 also works out good with the missing 15 pounder. I'm doing two exercises with 20 pounders and two more with 10 pounders. Day 3 will be a rest day.

I like the intensity of the the Day 1 and Day 2 workouts and also the short length of only 10 reps x 3 sets x 4 exercises. I also like looping in a rest day to give me a day off even though I'm not taking any days off with cardio.

Focus on Fitness

AUGUST 06, 2022

Fitness X

08/06/22 12:51 PM

With the move and the cataract surgery behind me, I started back with weight training today. Oddly enough, I'm missing one of my 15 pound dumbbells after the move, so I bumped everything up to 20 pounds and reduced the reps. Overall, that should improve muscle growth, so no problem with the change other than a bit of additional muscle fatigue.

It was day 2 on the treadmill, and I managed to take what I learned yesterday about the new treadmill and apply it today. I ran at 6.0 but adjusted to 6.2 early on to account for the slow acceleration to 10 minute miles. When all was said and done, I completed 2 miles at 19:38 and went an extra 10th to get my calorie burn to 200.

As I alluded to yesterday, it's great to have a focus on fitness once again and after a much needed break during the move. Super proud of my better half who is also focused on her fitness and to whom I am grateful for our new treadmill.

Foot Note

08/06/22 2:30 PM

Google comes through again!

Two of our four back deck electric sockets quit working. I tried every switch in the house and on the back deck to see if I had inadvertently turned off power to those sockets.

No success!

A quick visit to Google revealed several potential problems and we were okay with each until I got to the last one.

Voila! There it was!

If a GFCI socket has tripped and needs to be reset, and it is on the same circuit as the sockets without power, resetting it's tripped state will once again provide electricity to the sockets that are on that circuit.

The tripped GFCI socket was a long way from the two failing outdoor sockets, but it was tripped and resetting it provide electricity, once again, to the two failing sockets.




AUGUST 05, 2022


08/05/22 07:05 AM

Our treadmill was delivered by Fedex yesterday, so I guess today is the day it get's assembled and placed in a strategic spot. Don't know yet where that will be exactly, but it will have a new home soon enough.

I looked at those hills once more outside and I'm thinking that I may soon become a treadmill guy. Besides, a flat running surface there's always the environmental conditions to consider. Avoidance of rain, cold, heat, and everything in between will be a real benefit. Yeah, treadmill is sounding pretty good all of a sudden.

Decision made.

That was easy!

Foot Note

08/05/22 11:40 AM

Well, treadmill is set up, box is cut up and in the garbage, weedwacked around our mail box across the street, got in a 2 mile run at a 10 minute pace on our new treadmill, and logged the running data.

Worked up a good sweat and the treadmill registered right at 200 calories. Patty tells me there's a heart rate monitor on the treadmill, but I think I'll try my watch next time just to see what it indicates over the course of two miles.

It sure feels good to be back at running again!

08/05/22 01:37 PM

Got a response to my QRZ issue and have deleted and rebuilt my log as requested. Good to have it working again.

More Ham Stuff

AUGUST 04, 2022

More Ham

08/03/22 06:05 PM

Been really enjoying the world of 2 meter FM in the Ham Radio arena. It's nice to carry on QSO's with locals and learn more about the people and the area, unlike what I was experiencing in the HF digital world of FT4 and FT8.

Digital was fun, but I've been ready for a change and the move just sort of fostered that desire and turned it into a reality for me. It's been nice to meet all of the hams, check into some of the nets, and generally get a station put together and active on the air.

Fence Removal

AUGUST 03, 2022

Fence Removal

08/03/22 09:09 AM

I wasn't sure what time Craig and his team were coming to take down the fence, so I got up early. It worked out well as they arrived around 7:15 AM and I had already consumed my first cup of coffee.

Robert, an older fellow, came along with the team to carry off (and sell) the removed fence materials. Unfortunately, he started loading before taking on our steep driveway to get back on the street. I urged him to get up on the street and take his chances as to what might slip off the truck on the way up our steep driveway.

He went up and most of the posts that were in the back slid off the bed and onto our driveway. Once he got up the hill, I helped him carry the spilled posts up the hill and put them back on the truck. From there on, the two fence removers kindly carried the chain link up the driveway and Robert and I got the rest of the posts picked up and placed back on the truck bed.

Those guys worked hard and earned their money and were leaving by 9 AM with over 200 feet of fence removed from the property, including fence posts etc. I didn't envy them working in a field on a very steep slope with no idea if any snakes were in that tall grass. I had enough trouble just removing the pumpkin vine only a day earlier.

Rooms To Go

AUGUST 02, 2022

Rooms To Go

08/02/22 09:25 AM

Well, it's probably been over a month since we placed our order, but it sure was good to get our Rooms To Go delivery this morning. We ordered a new sofa and coffee table and Patty did a great job picking it all out.

We were supposed to get a new treadmill yesterday, but it didn't arrive and we're hoping it will show up today. There's just no way either of us can run on these serious slopes we have for 1.4 miles between here and highway 77.

If the slopes aren't bad enough, there's a serious drop off on either side of the two lanes. That means there's no place to retreat in those seemingly more frequent instances when there are vehicles on the road.

Oh well, treadmill it is.



AUGUST 01, 2022


07/31/22 07:44 AM

Wow! Time sure is flying by this year. We moved in the new home on July 9 and we're already into August.

How did that happen?

We're getting settled and that's a good thing. We've got a pretty good to-do list but everything on it seems to be somewhere downstream. As I've said before, I'm learning to patiently wait on things. No need to rush.

Biggest challenge is probably learning how to navigate my way through this new season. It's definitely different and brings with it a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, it's fun to dabble with the small things while waiting on the big things.

One step at a time...

Foot Note


07/31/22 01:00 PM

Speaking of dabbling, Patty and I hated to remove a strong and healthy pumpkin vine from the fence, but we're having the fence removed and had no choice. The vine was so pervasive that we couldn't tell where the roots were located and had to sacrifice further growth of the 3 pumpkins.

Just figuring out what these things were was tricky enough, considering watermelons, cantaloupes, squash, and gourds all come from the same family and all look quite similar, especially when still connected to the vine.


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