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SEPTEMBER 26, 2023

Audible 2

09/25/23 7:05 AM

I've finished 5 books in my Audible account and have two more credits where I could buy two more books.

I didn't anticipate becoming such a fan of the Podcasts, nor did I think about the facts that 1) there would be no charge for listening to them and 2) they would be current and up-to-date simply because they are usually posted so often.

Still, I've really enjoyed the books. They're mostly political reads but I suppose that what I find interesting these days.

I also wanted to go back through Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and so decided to purchase that audible book. It was a great but often difficult read, due to the depressing nature of so much of the content.

Book World

AUGUST 24, 2023

Book World

08/21/23 07:50 AM

Well, today is a big day for me in the book world of Audible. Today, on the 24th I enter month two and earn a book credit which means I can get another free book.

I also now qualify to enjoy some of the special prices that they have when you buy a couple of books at a time. I've got my eyes of a few and look forward to listening to them.

08/23/23 07:15 PM

Update! Well, as it turns out I was able to buy 3 book credits on sale and for a good price. A fourth should be added tomorrow on the 24th. In fact, I purchased Tucker Carlson's book The Long Slide and just finished it in time to present this post and prepare to watch Tucker Carlson's interview of former President, Donald Trump. It runs the same time as the Republican debates upon which I plan to pass as I suspect many others will do.


AUGUST 05, 2023


08/02/23 08:20 AM

Well, just finished my (Wednesday) weight training and three mile run. It was a pain but it's over now. Also texted with Allie and they're on their way to Atlanta. They should arrive in Atlanta for a late lunch and then depart for the Birmingham airport just after 5:00 PM.

With the time change they will actually get here a few minutes before they left Atlanta. Seems strange but I had that happen a number of times on the way to Pensacola from Atlanta on the tail end of a business trip.

I've got several weeks to wait before I can obtain another book on Audible so I'm maximizing my opportunity with Podcasts. I really like Mark Levin and had no idea he has a daily podcast. Needless to say, I've been taking in the front end of each of those.

Really looking forward to Allie's and Gabe's arrival. Can't wait to see them. By the time this is published, they will have already been here a few days.


JULY 29, 2023


07/28/23 01:05 PM

Well, I've decided to jump back into the world of podcasts. They're free, and very convenient with my audible account, which means I have an opportunity to do some research without buying a bunch of books right up front.

For some strange reason, audible wants me to have been a customer for 30 days before I'm allowed to buy additional books. Very odd, as has also been noted by a few other new account holders.

I was able to line up and follow a number of interesting podcasts including the one held by author Peter Schweizer. His most current podcast seems to pick up right where his book left off. And he makes a pretty bold assertion in terms of it being the end of Joe Biden's career. Of course, I would have to agree and have felt that way for a while now. The evidence continues to stack up, and not in his favor.

Destined For War

JULY 28, 2023

Destined For War

07/27/23 08:45 PM

I just finished adding a new item to the Category menu for books. This will be a place where I write about the books to which I listen on Audible.

07/26/23 08:05 PM

Well, I finished the first book and found a free one that interested me enough to download it and give it a try. The title is Destined For War and is written by Graham Allison (pictured above.)

It's quite a lengthy listen (over 12 hours) but is a very good read. There's quite a bit of insight into the China/U.S.A. relationship and the goals of each.

The interesting lesson centers around Thucydides's Trap. The general idea of that trap is the inevitable conflict that arises when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power as a regional or international hegemon.

Allison suggests that in the past 50 years there have been 16 such cases and 12 of them resulted in war. He then goes on to layout some of examples and describes the specific situations surrounding them.

07/27/23 12:45 PM

Still several hours from the end of the book, it has moved to an analysis of various what if scenarios between China and the U.S.A. including scenarios that involve both Hong Kong and Taiwan. It's very thought-provoking.

07/27/23 08:50 PM

I had a flash back to an old movie I watched as a kid back in the 60's entitled Sink The Bismark. I decided to look it up on YouTube and watch it. It was a most enjoyable visit to the past.

Red Handed

JULY 27, 2023

Red Handed

07/24/23 08:00 AM

It's still Monday morning, 7/24/23 as I type. I'm offering this post to say that last night I watched the last half of Life, Liberty, and Levin featuring Mark Levin. He's one of my favorites and a real and well read modern scholar.

Mark was hosting Peter Schweizer and they were talking about Peter's latest book, Red Handed. It was written back in 2018, but addresses all of our government corruption and (so far) reads as if it was written yesterday.

I decided it was a book I wanted to read and opened up an Audible account on my iPad and used the first (free) credit to purchase the book. I can't wait to finish it and look forward to reading (listening to) many more.

Reading this book, where facts were confirmed via the Freedom of Information Act has left me with a very different perspective on the level of corruption in the government of these United States of America. It seems so widespread that there are not enough innocents left to vote to prosecute the corruption. The corruption (for personal gain) seems that strong.

As for the cases against Trump, I'm not sure what to make of that. It does indeed seem to me that they are false charges meant to distract Biden's base and get Trump out of the race. Seems to be working for the former but not the latter.

07/25/23 08:35 AM

Finished my first audible book, Red Handed, by Peter Schweizer last night. Quite a story and really opened my eyes to the amount of corruption in our government.

Was really delighted to hear Schweizer's thoughts at the end of the book about the efforts of both Republicans and Democrats toward their battle against the widespread corruption in our government. Researching the Democrats also opened my eyes to the media corruption. I was amazed at how the media had persuaded me against at least one of those Democrats.

Strange that I had not picked up on the media sounding out against a Democrat and just because that Democrat was willing to take a stand against the corruption. I'll have to be a bit more careful in determining what I am and am not willing to believe.

Considering the idea that the information presented in the book was pulled from data gathered via the freedom of information act, and considering that no Democrats have screamed about the accuracy of what has been presented, I have to believe that the ideas presented in this book are factual.

Lord, please don't let me be one of China's and the Biden family's useful idiots in this story. Please let me find, know, and understand the truth in my research.

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