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JUNE 10, 2021

Netflix DVD PLAN

Our options for good internet are few and far between out here on the edge of the gulf. As such, I subscribe to the Netflix DVD plan instead of the streaming plan.

I tend to go for the faith-based films and for the most part I haven't been disappointed. Every now and then there's one that fails for any of a number of possible reasons, but the odds are usually in favor of an inspirational outcome.

I also tend to go for true stories about those who have faced and conquered insurmountable odds in their lives. Often these story lines focus on a sports related theme, which I always enjoy, but then again some take us to other places that are of equal interest and inspiration.

On very rare occasions I'll find an interesting story that has an edge to it. Films that have that edge to them can provide a good reprieve from everything else, as long as the story isn't all about the edge.

Unfortunately, I'm more recently finding that most of those movies tend to spend more time glamorizing the ugly things in life than telling a story that is worth watching. It's always disappointing when I take a chance on what sounds like a good story, only to find it's nothing but an ugly-fest produced and directed by individuals who seem caught up in everything ugly about life.

From now on, I'm staying away from those movies if I'm not familiar with them. I'm going for inspiration. I think I'm done taking my chances on those unknown edgy films that are far too often so full of life's ugly.


JUNE 09, 2021


In my mind, good health combines a good diet with good exercise, good rest, annual physicals, and for me limited time in the sun. Emotional and mental health are important but the scope of this post is limited to physical health.

The one thing (intentionally) missing from that list is a good regimen of weight training. The juice is just not worth the squeeze on that one for me, so I'm willing to take what I get with all of the physical activity I perform on a regular basis including yard work, stair climbing, house work, kayaking, and anything else I might do.

My idea of intentional exercise is cardio, and specifically running. As such, I run 3 miles a day and I find no challenge in keeping up with that.

Where my challenge comes into play is with diet. It's a constant battle for me and I'm still trying to develop a regimen that I can count on for the rest of my life.

From all I've learned in recent months, it looks like I'm going to have to be as obsessive with my diet and weight management as I am with my running. And, as much as I struggle with portion control and limiting sweets, well..., if you're like most people I've ever met, you already know where I was going with that.

With much time and effort, I dropped 30 pounds this year. Most of that came by way of dropping sugar from my diet and increasing portion control. As I've said before, it was by far the most difficult thing I've ever done in my entire life. I then learned a valuable lesson by defining a 5 pound range equal to my target weight plus 5 pounds, and working to stay in that range.

It worked great for quite a while. But in recent weeks I tried to sort of see what I could get away with and before I knew it I was back to my old habits! It's amazing how quickly it happened. And the more I tried to fight it, the more weight I found myself gaining.

By the time I was able to admit what I was doing, I was already back up 10 pounds over my target weight and 5 pounds above my target range. I was still down 20 pounds, but there wasn't any consolation in that.

Once again, no more sugar for me. I'm accepting natural sugars and even a limited amount of added sugar. That's because this has got to become a lifetime habit and something with which I can live and succeed.

For my added sugars, I'm not talking about sugar that I add, but rather the added sugar in things like BBQ sauce. I can counter it with more protein and less carbs and it works well for me. That way, I'm happy with what I'm eating and with what it's doing for my weight.

Having dropped 2 pounds in the past two days places me 3 pounds above my weight range. That means the end (getting back in my range) is in sight!

Stay tuned!


JUNE 08, 2021

Skin Cancer

Yesterday (Sunday) Patty noticed a 'thing' on my arm and neither of us knew what it was. I assumed it was another skin cancer of one kind or another.

However, it didn't look like the typical basal cell or squamous cell types that I've dealt with over these many years. Melanoma maybe? After all, I had not seen this before and have never had a melanoma either.

I googled images of melanomas but this didn't look like any of the pictures I found. Still, I must admit it looked even less like basal or squamous. In fact, it looked almost exactly like an area that had just been biopsied.

I made a note to call the dermatologist sometime today since I knew they weren't open on Sunday. Even though I had an appointment Monday of next week, if this was possibly melanoma it could be life-threatening and I wanted to get the doctor involved in the decision making process.

I called the doctor's office today and they set a 1:00 PM appointment for me. I went in and took the option they offered to combine the full body scan scheduled for next week with today's appointment to check out the problem on my arm.

I have to admit that by I the time I got to the doctor's office, the 'thing' on my arm already seemed to be healing. And, after careful review, the doctor said it was nothing more than a bruised area where I had bumped hard into something. I was relieved to hear the good news.

In fact, it was all good news today as they didn't even have to take a biopsy of anything. That means I'm clean for another six months as long as nothing shows up in the meantime.

Wrapped up a great day with a perfect meal of BBQ'ed chicken thighs that Patty masterfully prepared, a check-in on the Monday night Wakulla County ham radio two meter net, and a Netflix DVD movie. If you happened to pass by this way, I hope you're also having a great day!


JUNE 07, 2021

Yesterday was Sunday and I watched a lot of sports. I started to say as usual but with golf and French Open tennis at Roland Garros, I watched more than usual.


I watched Serena Williams lose in straight sets in the round of 16 by an unseeded player. There was no doubt in my mind that Serena didn't lose. She was truly beaten!

I'm sorry to say it, but I think Serena has received more attention than she deserves. She may have been a power way back when, but she is old, tired, heavy, and slow. She seems to have lost her mojo and I think she's done.


I was surprised to find that Roger Federer had withdrawn. He may also be old but he seems to get around on the courts as good as ever.

I guess his recovery time is part of what's taking a toll and the rest is just his inability to sustain long hours of heavy physical exertion as he's gotten older, not to mention saving his strength for Wimbledon with a surface that puts the odds more in his favor.


The one that was tough to see was The Memorial (golf) and the withdrawal of Jon Rahm. He closed out Saturday with a 6 stroke lead at the 54 hole mark, only to be told he had tested positive for Covid-19.

I can't imagine the struggle he faced having to give up such an incredible lead as the tournament went into the last day without him.

It was a good day for the fans since the rest of the leader pack was crowded and close together, but I still felt bad for Jon Rahm. He withdrew with a touch of class.

With his skills, I'm sure we'll see him at the top again, and very soon.


JUNE 06, 2021

On June 5, 2021 the Nigerian government officially put an indefinite ban on Twitter restricting it from operating in Nigeria after the social media platform deleted incendiary tweets made by the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari threatening the south eastern people of Nigeria predominantly occupied by the Igbo people... (source: Wikipedia)

Twitter responded:

Tweet 2

The people responded:



JUNE 05, 2021


It grieves me that I can't find the picture I need. I know I have it tucked away in a safe place somewhere. I hope I will be able to dig it up and come back and insert it, but until then I'll have to go with the mystery photo, which actually reminds me of him.

It's so easy to remember things in a favorable light when the truth is something less appealing. I look back at my past. And, for the successes Patty and I have enjoyed, it would be easy to lay claim to the good choices I made. However, the truth is a bit different.

I was still in college and working at Wickes Lumber Company. I was making what looked like pretty good money back then, but at a job I really didn't much care for.

Still, the idea of marrying Patty and settling down made the job with Wickes seem much better than it really was, and I had even reached a point where I could justify leaving behind college and a degree.

We decided to share the good news with Patty's mom and step-father.

Then it happened.

Patty's step father was a very good man. To say that he had an incredibly difficult upbringing would the the understatement of the century! But, what he had been through growing up helped me to give pause and listen carefully to what he had to say.

He walked over quietly to the table where Patty and I were sitting, placed a pen and sheet of paper in front of me, and challenged me to show him how I was going to make it work. His voice was stern but, because I knew him well, what he had to say rang out with love and concern and not anger.

Without really trying, he had me. He knew it and I knew it. There was no argument and no debate. Right then and there, I agreed to finish college and stay with the original plan.

Henry Kane (or 'Killer' as they called him - and I'll explain why in a moment) grew up in an orphanage. He had everything working against him, and yet by all worldly measures he was a success.

At almost six and a half feet, and with a stocky build, he had a commanding presence. With thick framed glasses and grey hair, he had a look of strength that betrayed who he really was. But the frequent and gentle smiles revealed the truth. Killer Kane was truly a tender-hearted soul and a friend to everyone!

At one point in his younger years, and because of his size, he was egged on by his friends and agreed to get in the ring with a fighter only to be knocked out with the first punch. Thus the name 'Killer.'

So, any successes I have enjoyed in life weren't born out of my ability to make great and smart choices. They were born out of the wise counsel of the Killer Kane's of the world and the risks they took to share godly wisdom with me.

Thank you Lord for giving me ears to hear. I'll always be thankful for the many ways you used Killer Kane in my life!


JUNE 04, 2021

An Experience

"An experience is never a bad one if you learn something from it."

That's my thinking anyway. Someone famous probably said that somewhere, but I didn't see anything close attributed to anyone on Google.

The thought crossed my mind after our 750-mile round-trip visit to a property up in North Alabama. It's the same trip that I mentioned in yesterday's post.

In terms of our primary objective, the trip was a bust. But, Patty and I both agree that we learned quite a bit about ourselves and our thinking through the experience. For that reason, the trip was far from a bust.

And, based on what we learned, we're closer to our target.

Now, that's real progress!


JUNE 03, 2021

Just In Case

I'm holding my cards close to my vest on this one. I've already mentioned we have put our house up for sale, and don't mind saying that we've found a property in which we are interested.

But that's about as much detail as I wish to provide right now, just in case anyone (outside of family) is actually reading this post. How we manage the delicate balance of decisions going forward is anyone's guess, including ours!

We're putting plans together for a visit to the aforementioned property, and I suspect what we see will play a major role in our decisions going forward. We're optimistic and hopeful but, as they say, the proof will be in the pudding!


JUNE 02, 2021

Running 0602

According to the log, I've missed about 1.5 weeks of running while trying to get everything organized for the sale of our house. Well, everything is in place, so it's time to get back to the running.

Obviously, I want to be able for me, Patty, and the cat to jump in the car if an agent wants to bring a prospective buyer by the house. I probably need to talk to our realtor and get an understanding both ways regarding the typical hours a visit might be desired and what our morning regimen looks like between trips to the gym and grocery pickups.

Either way, getting back to running in an important step for me. The scales are starting to make groaning noises when I step up and my eating habits and consumption of water are never as good when I'm away from the treadmill.

Time to get back to it!


JUNE 01, 2021

Hurricane Season


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