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Coming Soon!

Published for Sunday - March 31, 2024


Written Saturday - 03/30/24 6:50 AM

I have a hidden webpage that I use to test my upcoming post(s). Most days I write a day ahead and on some days I write multiple days ahead.

I post these ahead posts on my test page to see them without having them be generally available to any audience that happens by. To be quite honest, I just use this test page and these posts to see what a post is going to look like and to make sure things are in good order with everything including the image.

Until these posts are written I use a place holder page with an image as can be seen on this page. And along with a title of Coming Soon, I post the coming soon message in this text area where the post will show after I write it.


Published for Saturday - March 30, 2024


Written Friday - 03/29/24 6:50 AM

Yesterday, our handyman brought in 4 truck loads of nice topsoil and then put down grass seed on top of it and then straw on top of all of that to hold it in place. He then wet the straw to hold it in place from all of the wind.

Meanwhile, Patty and I were out to lunch with our son where we all enjoyed some nice Thai food at Kati Thai Cuisine in Gadsden, AL. It was a good day all around.

I also invested in 100 shares of DJT in the after market. The stock got down to where I wanted to enter and I purchased a very small number of shares. Depending upon how things look, I may or may not stay with it. We'll see...

As I write, and as you can see above, it's Friday. However, I forgot that it is Good Friday and that the markets are closed today. Guess I'll wait until Monday to see how things look.


Published for Friday - March 29, 2024


Written Wednesday - 03/27/24 6:50 PM

Six months ago, almost to the day, I purchased some stock. I wasn't going to do that anymore but Bank of America (my go to when I am buying stock) got down where I said I would buy in so I did just that.

The stock promptly dropped about two dollars-worth, but I had already decided that this was going to be one of those buy and hold situations. That turned out to be a good idea.

I'm up over $10,000 and wondering if I should go ahead and continue to ride or should I listen to all the naysayers and sell out now. I've always been a contrarian which means I should hold.

In fact, the naysayers have been suggesting I sell for some time now. I'm where I'm at because of my contrarian style, so I'm doing what I probably shouldn't do and going into a very long-term hold.

That may be a bad idea but this is a stress-free situation because I doubt it will drop 10+ points back down to where I bought in. That would be over 25% of its present value.

I've also been watching the new DJT (that's Donald J. Trump's stock for his Truth Social Company.) Looks like he did very well with it and it's been fun to watch.

Dead Bands

Published for Thursday - March 28, 2024

Band Conditions

Written Tuesday - 03/26/24 8:55 AM

I'm not talking about some oddly named music groups. I'm talking about the dead ham radio bands. They are in very bad shape.

Sunday and into Monday was supposed to bring with it an emission from the sun that might take a serious toll on anything electronic and especially anything communications related.

Usually such an emission brings with it good band conditions but not this time. In fact, I heard that we were supposed to get another round of those emissions from the sun and if we did, they brought along some very bad band conditions. Things are very, very quiet.

From the Heart

Published for Wednesday - March 27, 2024

From The Heart

Written Tuesday - 03/26/24 7:40 AM

I admit it. I like movies that are low budget. That's because I relate to the person who made it. I understand what it's like to work with a very low budget.

I also like the spiritual depth that is in so many of these movies. I can get past a low budget movie if there is decent acting and a good story. It needs to hit me in the heart if it's going to hit me.

I was watching a series recently and realized that one of the guys in the film has been in so many Christian films lately and I really like the movies in which I have found him. His name is Brett Varvel.

The lower budget movies in which I have seen him include Running the Bases and Play the Flute. I didn't know it until I looked him up but Brett is an Emmy award winning director and a two-time David Letterman scholarship winner. His ambition is to share Christ in both the Christian and Secular film markets.

By the way, the series in which I saw him is featured on Pureflix and carries the title County Rescue. Each episode is only about 30 minutes and a new one comes out each Friday.

New Heating and Air

Published for Tuesday - March 26, 2024

Heating and Air

Written Saturday - 03/23/24 7:25 AM

I was pointed to a new H&A guy by Mike, my handyman. I had the new guy out to check out our system and to replace it with a new one.

Yesterday, Friday, he brought some help and came out to replace the units. I was very pleased with the work and the price. Much better than my previous H&A company and, to my pleasant surprise, the units are very quiet.

Jesus Revolution

Published for Monday - March 25, 2024

Jesus Revolution 2

Written Friday - 03/22/24 2:15 PM

This past Thursday evening, (last night as I write), I checked the price on a movie and it was finally down where I needed it to be. As such, I purchased it. The name of the film was Jesus Revolution and featured Kelsey Grammer and Jonathan Roumie, among others.

I had real reservations going in because it was written about a period in which Patty and I were quite involved. However, and in the spirit of being aware of what God is doing through His People, I really enjoyed it and want to watch it again - perhaps this time with my wife, Patty.

I'm guessing that Jonathan and Amy went to see it when it was in the Theater since they sort of provided Patty with their perspectives of the movie and since she already had a take on it.

Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed the movie. I must admit however, that I watched it through a very different lens than I have used in the past and that probably had a lot to do with why I enjoyed it so much.

I could see that Lonnie Frisbee (played by Jonathan Roumie) sort of went off target in the story. That was hard to see and process since Jonathan Roumie does such a fine job of playing the faultless Jesus in The Chosen.

I thought Kelsey Grammer also knocked it out of the park with his performance. I also enjoyed the performances by by those who played Greg Laurie and and his (girl friend/wife) Catherine (Cathe).

I particularly enjoyed the ending of the flick when they provided a text backstory for what happened later on, after the movie ended. It really made a difference and was a very nice addition to the film.


Published for Sunday - March 24, 2024

Jonathan and Amy 1

Written Saturday - 03/20/24 2:40 PM

Next on the list of people who have had an impact upon my life would be our amazing son, Jonathan. He was due on Allie's second birthday but arrived four days early on August 18, 1983.

It's difficult to explain the gift of a son. You almost have to experience it to understand. But God knew what He was doing and the son that Patty and I received is such an amazing gentleman. I had no idea how much love would come from our son and how much there was to learn from him.

Unlike having a daughter, there was no give-away involved. Instead Jonathan found his wonderful soulmate and introduced her to our family. And like our son-in-law, what an incredible addition to the family she has been.

I heard Amy share her heart with our son at their wedding and I immediately knew he was destined for an amazing blessing in his life. And all that I saw and believed has proven itself true in that sense. What a joyful addition she has been to our family.

The gifts that God placed in Jonathan and Amy are readily apparent and so easy to see. And the wonder behind it all is the way in which they have served God and each other with those gifts.

I can't wait to see all that God has planned for both of them. The excitement is building.


Published for Saturday - March 23, 2024


Written Wednesday - 03/20/24 2:10 PM

Next on the list of people who have had an impact upon my life would be our wonderful daughter, Allie. She joined us on August 22, 1981.

If you don't know what it's like for God to give you a daughter, I'm not sure this post will make much sense. The opportunity to care for her, love her, and learn from her has been amazing.

The most difficult part has been to give her away to the man of God's choosing. After a long search, she found her soulmate. The rest is history.

I'm so grateful for Josh, the man God has placed in her life and the one who gets to take it from here in terms of caring for her. He is a masterful caretaker and one from whom I've learned a great deal.

God has blessed both of them with a wide array of gifts. And each has been faithful to those gifts and has wonderfully offered them up to God.

I'm so looking forward to seeing all that God has destined for her, for Josh, and for their two sons Noah and Gabe. It has already been a great adventure and it would seem there's plenty more yet to come.

First and Foremost

Published for Friday - March 22, 2024

First and Foremost

Written Tuesday - 03/19/24 7:50 AM

When I think of the people who have had an impact upon my life, first and foremost my wife comes to mind. Her wisdom, grace, and kindness is only matched by her amazing beauty - both inside and out.

My father passed on but he used to tell me that I got far better than I ever deserved. Those words were so true! What she saw in me that would have led her to give her life to me and to take me on as a life-long project truly remains a mystery - and probably always will.

Although I could never live up to it, the number one call upon my life is to love my wife and to serve and protect her as long as I am able. I know it sounds like a police kind of thing, but that's how I feel about her and what God has put on my heart for her. God's call to cherish her has been so easy.


Published for Thursday - March 21, 2024


Written Tuesday - 03/19/24 2:35 PM

Yesterday I offered a post that really got me to thinking. In fact, so much so that I created a new category for it. People.

It's not going to be a place into which I naturally fall, but it is a topic where I want to spend more time. In that new category, I've included both this post and the one that led up to it. Yesterday's post.

This is not going to be a write it because it's on my mind or I'm good at it. This is going to be a write it because I want to develop a skill around it.

I find myself often passionate about people I don't know. You know, like in a movie? Even someone who humbles themself like many have done before. Such a posture truly catches my attention. And I want to be more like that person. Their witness speaks to me. I want to be more like Christ - just like they are. And therefore, I want to be like them.

I don't know anyone in the picture above. I grabbed it off of the internet. Still, each of those people has a story to tell. I can look at each person and only imagine what they would tell me if we could talk. I want to develop that kind of passion and listening ear for all whom I meet. And may God give me the opportunity to meet many!

I've done my homework and know what I believe and why I believe it. For me, and more than anything, it's a faith kind of thing. Sure, there's tons of evidence for a supreme being who is also an intelligent designer. That's why I'm sold! I've walked it all the way out to Jesus Christ and I know that He is my savior.

Lord, at the end of the day, I want to be more like so many whom I see out there in my day to day. That's because they are truly living for Christ and that is something I want to make sure I do.

Lord thank you for those who follow you and for their example to me. I pray my focus would be upon people - those I can help and those who can help me grow. Furthermore, let me see them as you see them. Let me see them through your eyes.

Lord, thank you for all of them. You know. People.

Spiritual Stuff

Published for Wednesday - March 20, 2024

Spiritual Stuff 2

Written Tuesday - 03/19/24 1:00 PM

When I started this blog back in September of 2005, the primary focus was to be about running. That was something I did (and am still doing) on a daily basis. It was easy to maintain that singular focus and it attracted other runners who became regular readers.

But now you can find the list of current things I like to write about over in the categories section of the menu in the far-left column. Most bloggers today have video supported by YouTube. That seems to be the trend. And a singular topic still seems to be the way to go when someone wants to attract a regular audience.

But that just doesn't do it for me. I get tired of a single focus and I have no interest in attracting an audience with whom I have to speak. I'm not sure that is a good thing, but it's the way it is. I haven't even mentioned monetizing but have no interest in that either. Is that a bad thing?

If I had to pick my singular topic it would probably be Spiritual. That's because it's where my mind is most of the time. But not always, and that's why I have a categories menu item on my blog.

Because, and as I have said so many times before, this blog is more about a scrapbook of life than any search for a readership. If that's what I have to call it to swim upstream and against the current, then so be it.

Now don't get me wrong. I like and appreciate readers. But I must confess, I'm not a reader. That's why I don't really understand their motivation. And that's why I'm more focused on writing about any and every topic on my mind than developing a readership. If that's what interests a reader out there, then so be it. If not, then so be that too.

It's interesting what people learn about themselves. I have family members who are also not readers. Not my wife, though. She's a real reader. Others in my family have done what I have done. They want to use drive time wisely and/or want to consume things in certain areas and so they subscribe to podcasts and utilize book reading services such as audible.

Even though I take on some of these book reading helps, my Asperger's comes with a wide variety of topics and interests. And, that's what I tend to write about - plain and simple.

I've noticed one thing however. People is not a category in my menu. I sincerely envy those who have a people focus and suspect it would be a more healthy concern for my spiritual focus.

After all, as a Christian, people is what it is and should be about. That's where we're called. To people. Right?

It's difficult to share that but it seems to be true. Even when I think about the Great Commission mentioned in Matthew 28, I realize the primary focus is upon people.

Is it okay to say that I don't have a gifting in that area? After all with or without a gifting, shouldn't that be my focus? People? Wow, deep stuff and tough questions!

Doesn't family count? Are we still called to minister to people (outside of our family unit) in a day and time where it seems so out of the ordinary?

People. That's a lot to think about.

Garmin Beta

Published for Tuesday - March 19, 2024

Garmin Beta

Written Monday - 03/18/24 2:20 PM

I'm not one to be a joiner or a technology for the sake of technology kind of guy. It's just never been my style.

On the other hand, there is much to be learned via experimentation. And I sort of have to delve in those previously listed categories if I want to experiment.

Such is the case with my Vivoactive 3 smartwatch. I like to see what's out there and then adopt whatever I like. That means I have to see what's out there if I want to adopt something new. Truth is, I kind of figure out what I want and then try and find it on either the watch or the phone after I dumped my watch data from a run or a weight training session.

I've had good success so far and really like some of the features that show up when I connect the watch to the phone. I'm very interested in my heart rate, including my resting heartrate and my running heartrate. They usually fall in a range around 48 and 130 respectively.

I've had to modify my weight training and especially my runs to ensure I stay below my maximum heartrate. MHR = 220-age = 220-69 = 151

They say you should shoot for a consistent 85% of MHR which for me is 128. In order to pull that off, I have to be very strict, especially about my runs.

Movie Night

Published for Monday - March 18, 2024

Movie Night

Written Sunday - 03/17/24 11:00 AM

Patty and I had an interesting movie night last night. We watched 3 very different films.

We started early with some sugar free Coke and pizza and then added Transcendence with an all-star cast, Before We Go with Chris Evans and Alice Eve, and After. Transcendence was amazing. Patty had seen it before but wanted to make sure that I saw it too. It was free with short commercials on YouTube.

I can't find reference to the movie After because there is another movie with the same name and it is the only movie with that name that is featured online. The one that is missing has all of the indicators of an independent film which may explain why I was unable to find it.

Coming Up

Published for Sunday - March 17, 2024

Yard Trash

Written Saturday - 03/16/24 7:20 AM

I've got a lot to get done today. Top of the list is contacting handyman Mike to pick up some junk and yard rubbish and to give me a quote on some landscape work.

Beyond that, I think I'm taking Patty out for lunch. I offered yesterday for us to do that today and she seemed excited about it. I guess the only thing left will be for us to decide where we're going.

Easter weekend is also just around the corner and we have both kids and the grandsons meeting up with us to all go out for some Mexican. Should be fun!

Grace Unplugged

Published for Saturday - March 16, 2024

Grace Unplugged

Written Friday - 03/15/24 8:00 AM

I watched this movie a long time ago but didn't remember anything much about it. The movie is called Grace Unplugged.

It's a nice little story about a young lady who serves in the church praise band with her music leader father, but is confident she has what it takes to make it big out in the 'real' world. It goes deeper but that's the basic gist of the film.

It's a nice story with a very happy ending. Just the way I like 'em.

Looking back, I see that I watched it and wrote about it here back in February of 2022. I guess that means it's been a bit over 2 years since I last watched it. I guess that also means I'm getting more and more prone in my senior years to writing multiple times about the same thing. Oh well...


Published for Friday - March 15, 2024


Written Wednesday - 03/13/24 4:40 PM

I haven't watched a Pureflix movie that was converted for family viewing. But with this story's premise, I was hooked and had to watch.

The story and the movie were amazing. They only got better as I watched.

I love time travel and I love having my heart tugged. This one did both. It also included Kurt Russell who always makes a great contribution toward bringing any story to life.

I definitely enjoy using the subtitles feature since my hearing is no longer as good as it used to be. Too much loud music I suppose. Anyway, it was interesting to see how they edited out some language on both the audio track and the subtitles track.

The Race

Published for Thursday - March 14, 2024

Trump Biden

Written Wednesday - 03/13/24 7:20 AM

Well, looks like Biden and Trump secured their respective party nominations last night. According to the Associated Press News Outlet, this is the first presidential rematch since 1956.

Nikki Haley lost 14 of 15 races on Super Tuesday last week and promptly suspended her campaign the next morning. That leaves Biden and Trump as the primary contest remaining.

Should be interesting...

Two other things:

Today, March 14, is Pi Day. Leave it to a geek like me to point it out.

Also, today would have been mom's 95th birthday if my math is correct. We lost her to COPD in the very late 90's and at the young age of 69.

Do You Believe?

Published for Wednesday - March 13, 2024

Do You Believe?

Written Monday - 03/11/24 8:25 AM

Last night (Sunday) I watched a Pureflix movie that I have seen several times. The title was Do You Believe? There were a lot of big names in the production and, as before, the story was great.

The movie consisted of a lot of stories rolled up into one big story. Also, the stories were realistic and believable.

It was a nice way to wrap up a nice weekend. Now, back to the routine starting with a grocery pickup this morning of new foods for the new eating regimen.

Also, it's getting to be time to get to work on my chores for Patty's garden. I've got a couple of big jobs on the list. We've got a frost warning coming in tonight, but I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing thereafter.

Body Weight

Published for Tuesday - March 12, 2024

Body Weight

Written Monday - 03/10/24 3:35 PM

As I write, it's mid-day Sunday. The grandsons are home with their parents and my wife and I are back to our routine after around three hours of driving to return the grandsons.

It was so good to see Kim and Jason (Josh's mom and brother) and of course Josh and Allie. It was particularly good to have the grandsons with us for the weekend.

It's supposed to get cold tonight and we've got a grocery pickup in the morning. My sweet wife has ordered things for me to consume based on a new meal plan.

I'm trying something new with my food intake since my weight has been hanging around on the high end of my 5 pound range. I haven't been consuming things like sugar, but suffice to say I haven't really been focused on good eating habits either.

I'm horrible when it comes to snacking. I struggle with the same thing that woman said on TV a long time ago about her dieting: I wake up each morning a success and go to bed each evening a failure.

Despite the weight of what I hope are new muscles (with some additional workout details), I still want to drop some weight. That means I'm going to have to shed a lot more body fat. That means it's time for those good eating habits to kick in once again and for me to quit snacking!

Here goes...

The Grandsons

Published for Monday - March 11, 2024

Written Saturday - 03/09/24 4:00 PM

As this post gets published it may be Monday March 11th but as I write it's Saturday March 9th and we're still having a wonderful day with the grandsons.

What remains is a spaghetti dinner and the Home Alone (2) Movie. We watched number one last night.

The two grandsons have truly become young gentlemen and their courtesy for so many things goes unmatched amongst their peers. They hold doors, thank us for everything, and are just plain courteous gentlemen. It's such a pleasure to have them join us.

Today at the mall and before we went to the movie, Patty had an opportunity to let them ride some of the electronic animals. Patty was going to join them but they only had two rides available when we showed up. I would love to have seen her out there with them but it just wasn't meant to be. Still, and at Patty's suggestion, I was able to capture a video of the fun (above.)


Published for Sunday - March 10, 2024


Written Friday - 03/09/24 7:50 AM

Well, I think I have finally figured out what I want to do with my fitness program. We'll have to see if it works and, if not, what tweaks are needed.

I'm going to move my number one weight training regimen to Mondays and Thursdays. I'm going to move my number two program to Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm going to add a one mile run to each of those.

That will leave Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays for my two mile runs. And that will provide me with 10 miles run per week which should work well. Oh, and I'm still doing an 8:30 pace for all of my running. It's a bit of a workout but a pace with which I am most comfortable on my runs.

I found out what will be needed for my weights on the first program. However, I haven't yet performed the second program and have no idea if I have the right weights for some of those new exercises and, in turn, the existing exercises. We'll see.

Addendum: 03/08/24 2:45 PM

By the way, I'm writing this way ahead as can be seen above because after I publish on Sunday and do my run, we're going to pack up the grandsons and take them home. There won't be much free time to write so I'm going ahead and getting that done now.

Oh. I'm also looking at the weather and it does not look good. I guess we're going to get a bit wet taking everyone out to eat.

Weight Training

Published for Saturday - March 09, 2024


Written Wednesday - 03/07/24 8:05 AM

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I am blessed. I also mentioned making some adjustments to my weight training program which I would like to discuss in this post.

I've been reading a lot about weight training and learning a lot in the process. I can see that there are plenty of things I'm not doing or doing wrong in my program. I want to fix those things and enjoy better results along the way.

I've been leaving out some muscle groups that need to be included in my weight training. I've also been (unintentionally) cheating and using some bad form along the way. Those things are fixable.

There seems to be a log that is negotiable. For example, I've been running daily and the load with workout days seems a bit overwhelming for my purposes.

As such, I'm wondering if it makes more sense to toss runs in between my weight training days. Also, I'm wondering if I should skip leg work and chalk that up to my runs since running has always been high on my list and gets a lot of my attention.


Published for Friday - March 08, 2024


Written Thursday - 03/07/24 7:45 AM

The picture above is of a book cover. In fact, based on the title, it could be my story.

I have often posted about being blessed. But I can't post about it enough for I am truly blessed. A search produced 44 posts that contain the word on this blogsite.

There are far too many things about which I am blessed to list here. I was thinking about that last night as I tried to make some adjustments to my weight training program.

That's another area in which I am truly blessed. Despite my balance problems I've got good health and am able to run on the treadmill and do my weight training. That's not bad when considering I'm approaching the 70 yard line of life. I've seen a lot worse for those who are younger than me.

I just don't want to give up on things as it seems others may have done. I don't want to burden my wife with caring for me and I definitely don't want to use aids that I don't yet need in life.

Recently I saw a man bent over double and trying to walk into the Publix Supermarket. God bless him for getting out and I pray that I don't ever have to deal with that kind of thing in my life.

Storms On The Way

Published for Thursday - March 07, 2024


Written Wednesday - 03/06/24 1:50 PM

Allie and Josh are dropping the grandsons off for the weekend and everyone (Josh, Allie, the grandsons, Kim, Jason, Patty and I) are supposed to meet here and we're taking everyone out for a Mexican Dinner at our favorite eating spot.

Well, that's the plan right now anyway but based on what I'm seeing (above) for Friday's forecast, I'm not so sure.

Looks like the worst of it will be to our southwest over in Mississippi and Louisiana. Somehow, that just doesn't make me feel better about the prognosis.

Isolated tornadoes and hail, not to mention the 60-70 mph wind gusts all tend to look like a problem to me. I hope the forecast falls apart as it often seems to do around here. No need to panic ahead of time.

By the way, they're calling for the same thing one day earlier (tomorrow/Thursday) and that one is supposed to be centered over the Dallas, Texas area extending northward to Kansas and Oklahoma, eastward to Shreveport, westward to Abilene, and southward below Austin. Maybe we can take a look ahead and see what things look like with that one.

Busy Day

Published for Wednesday - March 06, 2024

Busy X

Written Tuesday - 03/05/24 7:15 AM

As I publish, this day is over. But, as I write it's still ahead of me. I just finished my run for the day (no weight training!) and there's a lot still to be done.

Patty has a doctor's visit and needs to pick up something from the store. We also have voting ahead and then we're going to head home and prepare for a night in front of the TV watching the election returns for Super Tuesday.

Our night watching election returns will include takeout from Jacks in the form of some fried chicken with fries and coleslaw and a diet coke. That will be a real treat. We normally do pizza but Patty served that last night from Walmart and at a remarkable discount.

Super Tuesday will involve local elections and ammendments but will only involve primary elections for the president. The actual presidential election will be held out in November.

Busy Week Coming Up

Published for Tuesday - March 05, 2024

Busy Week 2

Written Monday - 03/04/24 7:40 AM

Busy weekend coming up. The kids are bringing the grandsons to spend the weekend with us. I'm sure a Saturday movie will be involved. Then we're taking the grandsons home on Sunday and will have an opportunity to see the furnished house and say hi to Kim and Jason.

Today is grocery pickup day and then tomorrow (Tuesday) we vote and Patty has a doctor's visit. I guess we'll also pickup pizza and watch the returns on Super Tuesday/

The following day, Wednesday, I go to the dermatologist and get the twice annual checkout. And then, as I said, on Friday we start the weekend with the grandsons.

I guess, in the start of this post, I should have commented about the busy week coming up instead of just the weekend. Oh, and today I need to call the Doctor (The Dysautonomia doctor) to see if I need to have a more current MRI. I guess we'll see on that one too.


Published for Monday - March 04, 2024

The Book of God 2

Written Sunday - 03/03/24 1:45 PM

Well, as I type here on Sunday afternoon, I have just finished The Book of God. What an incredible presentation of the Bible in the format of a novel.

I was definitely not let down by the transition to the New Testament and, more importantly, the Jesus story. What a wonderful journey that was.

I was sure that the last chapter (50) which was the epilogue would include the return of Jesus. Much to my suprise, that was covered in the last chapter or two of the book. As such, I wondered what would be included in the epilogue?

Of course. It was Paul's story. I should have known.

The Book of God

Published for Sunday - March 03, 2024

The Book of God

Written Saturday - 03/02/24 8:35 AM

I'm into part 4 of 8 parts on this book. It's 50 chapters and as I type I don't remember which chapter I'm reading. Somewhere near the middle I suppose.

I agree with so many others that have commented on the reading of this book. It's read aloud by the author and gets a bit loud and strong for my taste in listening. Apparently a lot of others feel the same way.

I like the way the author has focused on the important characters. Even in areas where there are no 'big' characters he spends time which I believe is important.

I'm looking forward to my transition to the New Testament and what The Book of God has to say about that and about Jesus. The author is Walter Wangerin Jr. and the idea behind the book is writing the Bible as a novel. My wife loves it and has already downloaded other books by this author. She is a voracious reader and reads the downloaded books on her Kindle.

Born to Win

Published for Saturday - March 02, 2024

Born to Win

Written Friday - 03/01/24 7:05 AM

Born to Win was one of those incredible stories that I really wanted to share with Patty. And so I did last night.

Oddly enough I quit watching it the first time I saw it. In fact, I told Patty about that and that it's a slow starter. She seemed a bit surprised at my comment. Since we were already in it, perhaps she didn't see things that way.

Still, it was a touching story and based on a true story. I love those stories that take you down a deep spiritual road and this one did.

The movie is from the same folks that produced Faith Like Potatoes. I may have to go back and give that film a bit more of a fair shot too. I'm not sure that I did.


Published for Friday - March 01, 2024


Written Wednesday - 02/28/24 7:05 AM

Well, I was at the Walmart in Atalla this past Monday doing our regularly scheduled grocery pickup. All was very normal leaving the house and getting to the store.

Even the grocery pickup was normal and I wrote good reviews for Lavonne and Tommy - my grocery loaders. But that's where normalcy ended.

Trying to crank the car to head home produced very odd results. The car dash panel started doing very funny things. A bit of thinking led me to believe I had a dead battery.

I tried to open the hood but the latch would not let me do anything that opened the hood. I must have tried to open the hood several times and each time got back in the car to try and crank the car. Each time with the same result. In fact, it became very clear to me that I did indeed have a dead battery and I finally got the hood opened.

Fortunately, the Lord grabbed my attention which doesn't happen that often. I lifted up the situation to him since I was really stuck and had no idea what to do.

Within seconds after I gave the situation to the Lord, Lavonne walked out without any groceries as if he was going home for the day or at least headed to his car. I explained my situation to him and he asked me to wait while he went over to the auto shop. Again, he asked me to wait and said he would be right back.

True to his word, he returned shortly and had a rather large device in his hands. He was able to use it to jump my car off and to measurer my battery strength. He confirmed the very dead battery after cranking the car. While he was gone I called Patty to let her know the situation.

I mentioned to him that I needed to go ahead while I was there and buy a new battery for the car and to have it installed. He told me where the auto shop was and walked over there to meet me. He explained my situation to the guys in the shop and then told me that I would not be charged for the installation. I explained that I would like to pay for it but he wouldn't let me.

Two guys, I don't remember their names, did a great and timely job and I was on my way home. I called Patty at the house to update her again and was home not long after.


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