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AUGUST 31, 2023


08/29/23 07:05 PM

Yesterday, I picked up some medicine prescribed by my ear doctor for my balance challenges. It was a rainy drive over to the pharmacy, but things cleared up by the time I went back to the car and made my way home.

I took my first dose last night but unfortunately could not tell any difference. We'll give it a few days and see if there are any positive changes.

On the weather front, we've been taking note of hurricane Idalia. She's hitting the place we used to live, right on the gulf, in Crawfordville, Florida. All indications peg her reaching a category 4 storm right before she hits land and moves over to a category 3.

I'm truly concerned for the folks that purchased our home. They are looking at some highly destructive winds and storm surge. I pray for them and their home.

The seawall we put in should provide a small amount of support for the place. I hope it's enough to keep their home standing up on those high stilts.

The mess I used to have to clean up, before the seawall was installed, was unbearable. And the exposure to the cement base for each stilt had been worrisome to say the least.

Ear Doctor

AUGUST 30, 2023

Ear Doctor

08/28/23 06:50 AM

Yesterday I visited am ear doctor. The hope was that he might find something about my wonkiness that the ear doctors could not find down in Mobile, Alabama - back when I lived in the Spanish Fort area.

As I'm writing this, I have not yet gone to see the doctor. As I publish this post, I have been and hopefully have a positive outcome.

As I write, I have just finished a very tough Monday morning workout and run. It was tough because I dieted pretty hard yesterday and did not have the typical energy that I would have after having eaten more the day before.

Despite my recent post, the yard crew is here early and I guess trying to beat the weather that we're supposed to get today.

08/29/23 05:30 PM

As I write I have now been to visit the ear doctor. He indicates there is no problem with anything outside of the inner ears. For testing the inner region he will need to send me to someone else.

I'll be waiting for a call and an appointment from the other ear doctor who is located in Birmingham. The doctor I visited today also has a prescription for me to pick up that may assist with my dizziness. He is very suspicious that the problem is not ear related but instead may be related to some testing I have already had performed by a neurologist.

If that is the case, I may see if I can chase down an expert neurologist, in Birmingham, and who takes my insurance. That may well be what it takes to get to the bottom of this issue, if a bottom can indeed be found. We'll see.

Guitar Playing

AUGUST 29, 2023


08/24/23 06:50 PM

Patty has been begging me to get my guitar out and play for her on the back porch. Coming up, it's going to get cool enough for us to sit out there so I need to be able to meet that request.

To prepare, I ordered some steel acoustic guitar strings from Amazon and they came in today. I also pulled the Fender acoustic electric guitar out of storage and actually, took it out of the case and played it. It has old and tired strings but was still pretty much in tune.

It will sound much better when I put the new strings on and give them a day to stretch out where they will tend to better stay in tune. I played an old James Taylor song that's one of my wife's favorites (Time in a Bottle) and quickly became aware that I'm also going to need to trim the finger nails.

I'm looking forward to wine and cool evenings on the back deck with my wife and my guitar. Should be fun.

Yard Crew

AUGUST 28, 2023

Yard Crew

08/27/23 07:20 AM

Today is Monday the 28th and today is yard day. On yard day, our awesome yard crew comes by and gets the yard looking good.

I'm so blessed that we're in a position to pay for this service. After all, we have a full acre and a deep slope for most all of that acre.

I went out recently and pretty much destroyed my mower trying to cut things a bit closer to the ground out near Patty's garden. In the area where I was cutting, the grass was wet and the grass was thick.

The shaking mower should have clued me in. But it didn't.

Before long the post where the blade attaches broke in half. That seems like a pretty major repair and I'm hoping I can get the yard crew to cut things a bit closer to the ground where I no longer have to worry with that area. NOTE: Patty tells me she likes things not too close over in her area so scratch my idea.

It may seem odd to some folks, but I keep our yard crew on my daily prayer list. They work hard and I'm grateful for the great work they perform. I don't have any idea where they stand spiritually, but that's all the more reason to pray for them, in addition to all of the work they perform for us.

More Politics

AUGUST 27, 2023

Politics X 2

08/26/23 1:55 PM

Another video well worth a listen:

Tucker Carlson interviews Colonel Douglas Macgregor about the war between Russia and the Ukraine


AUGUST 26, 2023


08/25/23 07:15 AM

I'm making another adjustment. This time it's to the food intake.

I haven't been taking in much protein and decided to up my game in that area. Based on the formula, (1.7 x weight in kg) I should be taking in some serious protein with my eating and for my weight training.

It hasn't been happening but will be as of our next grocery run. I plan to get the protein via eggs, a tiny bit of cheese, cottage cheese, tuna in a can, bottled protein shakes, and mix it yourself whey powdered drinks.

I'm hoping that will provide some additional difference in the results I am seeing. I was also considering going to a gym, but have decided to hold off on that until I see what the extra protein is going to do.

Last but not least, I'm going to move away from being so hyper about the avoidance of carbs. I'm thinking that I may have been over-doing in that area.

I'm also considering making adjustments to my workout to add sets and reps of an exercise or two that I'm currently not performing. I want to make sure I'm executing a good balance of exercises for my different muscle groups.

I'm having to be creative since I'm doing everything in a home gym. Still, that seems to work best for me, and I especially like to make sure that running remains a big part of my daily plan.

Balance Issues

AUGUST 25, 2023

Balance Issues 2

08/22/23 07:30 AM

Yesterday I went up to the mailbox. But, when I got to the top of our driveway (the mail box is on the other side of the street) I decided to jog across the street and see how it felt.

It didn't feel good. In fact, I felt very wonky and the whole world bounced up and down as I made my way across the street.

I wondered why it didn't feel that way on the treadmill each day. So, this morning I decided to see if I could tell the difference and I discovered it in a big way.

This morning I realized that I watch the 'dash panel' on the treadmill and it is stable and doesn't move (or bounce) when I run. Looking up at the room presents me with the same problem I had yesterday when I ran across the street.

I began to wonder if what I was experiencing was ear or eye related but could not persuade myself in that direction. It just seemed to big and problematic to be something as simple as ear or eye problems.

And guess what else? Even my double vision problems are back - even with the corrective lenses. It's nowhere near as bad as it once was but even the lenses in my glasses don't fully correct the problem after only a short time with those new glasses.

My primary physician (doctor) thinks I have a neurological problem and she may be right. That may be what I'm actually facing even though the recent neurologist I was seeing could not find anything wrong.

I hope someone can discover the problem and that it is treatable. Or, if this is what the Lord has for me at this point in life, I'll continue to deal with it as I have so far. As my old friend Jimmy Foreman used to say:

I don't know what the problem is, but I intend to outlive it!

Book World

AUGUST 24, 2023

Book World

08/21/23 07:50 AM

Well, today is a big day for me in the book world of Audible. Today, on the 24th I enter month two and earn a book credit which means I can get another free book.

I also now qualify to enjoy some of the special prices that they have when you buy a couple of books at a time. I've got my eyes of a few and look forward to listening to them.

08/23/23 07:15 PM

Update! Well, as it turns out I was able to buy 3 book credits on sale and for a good price. A fourth should be added tomorrow on the 24th. In fact, I purchased Tucker Carlson's book The Long Slide and just finished it in time to present this post and prepare to watch Tucker Carlson's interview of former President, Donald Trump. It runs the same time as the Republican debates upon which I plan to pass as I suspect many others will do.

Weight Maintenance

AUGUST 23, 2023

Weight Maintenance X

08/21/23 07:15 AM

Well, it was bound to happen - especially with the types and amount of food I have been consuming lately. I have reached the top of my 5 pound range!

Time to get off of the up elevator and jump on the one that goes down. Headed toward dropping five pounds is going to be a lot of work and require a lot of discipline.

First two things off of the list are sweets and snacks. I know - even my doctor says that snacking is okay if you do it in moderation and eat healthy snacks. Doesn't work for me.

Snacks lead to more snacks and that leads to unhealthy snacking. Suddenly I'm cheating in a way that most others don't have to fight.

You see, I can eat supper and then go back an hour or two later and eat another supper. The hunger switch just doesn't get turned off.

Sure, it could be a habit. But, it doesn't feel like that. There's an honest appetite that drives me. Not sure why, but it's there!

I'm having to learn what others have told me. I'm having to learn that having a small appetite and going to bed a bit hungry are normal. Doesn't feel normal but that's because I've always been an over-eater and just consume when I feel like it. And unfortunately, I often feel like it!

It's amazing that even at the top of my five pound range, I'm down a full twenty-five pounds from my peak weight and about ten to fifteen pounds below where I used to stay. Even when I was running distance races I was carrying that extra weight.

If I can ever find out what this balance issue is and conquer it, I would love to run outside again and I would especially love to run some races - even if just 5K's.

Happy Birthday Allie

AUGUST 22, 2023


08/18/23 09:15 AM

Today is August 22nd and today is Allie's birthday. Jonathan was due on Allie's 2nd birthday and came 4 days earlier. That worked out well, because each has their own special birthday.

We had a real nice visit from Allie recently. She brought Gabe over to have him tested and treated for food and stomach issues, which turned out to be gallbladder issues that were treatable by medicine.

I mentioned in a recent post that Jonathan is 40. Well, Allie is two years ahead of him at 42.

I remember well when telling my father that I couldn't believe I had older kids. And I'll never forget his response. He reminded me that he had grand-children that old.

Now the tables are turned and I'm in the position he mentioned. My how time flies!

Anyway, I just wanted to mention Allie's birthday and how proud we are of her and all she has accomplished. Way to go, Allie! Keep up the good work!

We are so blessed to have two such amazing kids who have done so much with their lives and who are also so blessed. Thank you, Lord!


AUGUST 21, 2023


08/20/23 06:55 AM

As I type it's Sunday. As I Post it's Sunday night preparing for an official Monday blog post.

We had a great day yesterday with Jonathan and celebrating his birthday. The Mexican food was fabulous and Amy had a cool set-up at the house with big '40' balloons for the party they had on the previous evening.

The drive over was no problem in the new car. Speaking of the new car, Patty drove it for the first time today and did great. She wanted to make sure she is comfortable with it so she can take it when needed or when she wants.

I guess that's all for now. Tomorrow (Monday) we'll reach out to Allie for her birthday. It will be a day early here but since they are almost a full day ahead, it will be just right for connecting with her on her actual birthday there in the Marshall Islands.


AUGUST 20, 2023


08/18/23 07:05 AM

As I type this post, it's Friday. As I present it, it's Saturday evening and intended for a Sunday publication.

Sundays are pretty quiet around our household. All of the weekly chores are pretty well performed with one exception - Patty puts the finishing touches on her Walmart Monday morning grocery pickup order.

She's so good at that and I'm so glad that she takes care of that for our food and misc. supplies. I'm so glad we have a division of labor with which we are both happy and, if I might add, proficient.

My sweet wife is always on the lookout for a good and new meal she is sure I will like. And, this week was no different.

Amy sent a recipe to our daughter, Allie, and she in turn passed it along to Patty. It was an incredible recipe for seared tuna steak with a special Asian sauce, all sitting on a bed of rice. Boy was it ever good!

Patty doesn't touch fish, but asked me if I thought she might like the meal. I mentioned that tuna in general is unlike any fish dish with both taste and texture and that she might indeed enjoy it.

Now all she has to do is gather up the courage to give it a try. When I consider my dislike for sweet potatoes and liver, I can only imagine what I would go through if Patty prepared one of them and asked me to try it.

I think I'll leave the whole thing in her good hands and let her make the first move if she wants to. I wouldn't blame her if I never hear from her on the matter.


AUGUST 19, 2023

Politics X 2

08/18/23 11:40 AM

The following are worth a listen:

Tucker Carslon interviews former (Jan 6th) Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund

Tucker Carlson speaks to the Heritage Foundation

Tucker Carlson interviews Vivek Ramaswamy

Joe Rogan and Patrick Bet-David podcast

Another Joe Rogan and Patrick Bet-David podcast

Happy Birthday Jonathan

AUGUST 18, 2023

Jon Fishing

08/17/23 07:20 PM

Today is Friday, but more importantly it's August 18th and our son's Birthday. He's in his very early 40's in case you were wondering.

Patty and I are looking forward to driving over to their place tomorrow (Saturday) and taking he and Amy out for a birthday lunch to everyone's favorite Mexican place over that way.

I'm sure we'll enjoy going back to the house afterward and spending some quality time with both of them and the boys (dogs) as we all call them.

Today (Thursday) I got out early to cut a patch of grass over near Patty's garden and bogged the lawnmower down so much in the thick and wet (dew filled) grass that it literally broken the rod that comes out of the motor and attaches to the blade.

That looks and sounds like a pretty expensive repair so I hope to get the yard guys to whack the grass a bit closer to the ground in that area so I can just set the mower repair aside.

In case you were also wondering about the picture above, it's of Jonathan when we went fishing near the place we used to live down in Pensacola, Florida.


AUGUST 16, 2023

Politics 4

08/14/23 02:50 PM

While the blogsite category topic of Spiritual matters is still number one for me, the blogsite category topic of Politics remains an up-and-comer. Now that I'm retired and have time to devote to politics, I've become very interested in it.

In terms of my interest, it doesn't hurt that things are as different, politically speaking, as they have ever been. In fact, maybe they're not so different. Maybe having the amount of time and interest I have to devote to it have changed my perspective.

Gone are the days when I could believe everything and anything. Heck, I don't even know who or what to believe amidst the large quantity of talking heads.

My conservative nature has landed me on Fox News, Epoch Times and Epoch Times TV, and a wide array of YouTube videos including those by Tucker Carlson, and Amazon's Audible. Still, I challenge myself to periodically visit the liberal media (both TV and print) but it gets more and more difficult to stay there very long with all of the propaganda that gets spewed.

Some might consider me a conspiracy theorist and by the definition I found of it online, I might even agree. Here's that definition for anyone interested:

A person who believes that some secret but influential organization is responsible for a particular event or phenomenon.

My problem with the definition is that word secret. It's no secret that we have a liberal media and that we have a liberal executive branch of government, not to mention a liberal senate.

But, I have come to believe that we have a very leftist (and powerful) clan of democrats and media who are working in a very secretive fashion to perform highly illegal operations.

Actually, it may be secretive in their mind, but the conservative right seems onto them and their illegal operations have become anything but secretive.

I also have come to believe that those same media and government leftists have aligned themselves with a corrupt operation for the sake of job security, if not a true belief in what they are doing.

With the way things have shaped up and continue to shape up, it's anyone's guess what might happen henceforth. The left has such a broad and strong hold on things that it's difficult to see and accept what they continue to accomplish with their corrupt operations.

It's even more amazing to see how blatant the left has become with their corruption. Honestly, I could have never dreamed things would get to this point. While I respect their desire to control the playing field, I am shocked at the level of liberality and corruption that has evolved, not to mention how obvious all of it is.

If a conservative president wins in 2024, and if by chance we gain majorities in both the House and the Senate, it will be interesting to see how much can be turned around. After all, a lot of damage has been done and a corrupt left continues to find ways to effect change, even when they do not have a president or hold a majority in either the House or the Senate.

08/16/23 07:05 AM

Several months ago, or more, I purchased a movie entitled Uncle Tom. It is well worth watching and I took the time last night to watch it again. I'm so glad I did and it assures me I am on the right track with my thoughts and actions from a political standpoint.

Weight Training

AUGUST 16, 2023

Wrist Curls

08/14/23 07:40 AM

I added another exercise to my weight training regimen. Dumbbell Wrist Curls for working the forearms.

I started with 20 pound dumbbells. We'll see if that is going to be too much weight or just right.

I'm adding this exercise, not only to Monday and Friday regimen, but also to my Wednesday regimen. That should be just fine with a day's rest between each workout.

I may convert my Wednesday regimen to Reverse Curls. However, the internet suggests that the reverse wrist curls more target the wrists and I'm more interested in working the entire forearm where the standard wrist curls are said to be more suitable.

For now, I think I will stay with the standard wrist curls for all three of my weekly workouts. That will make my daily weight training regimen take a bit longer, but the results should be well worth the time.

On Pace

AUGUST 15, 2023

On Pace

08/13/23 07:40 AM

Well, I'm on pace for over 1,000 miles run this year. As of August 13th, the day I'm writing, I have run 638 miles.

Add to that total, 3 miles per day times the remaining days in the year (140), and the total comes out to 1,058 miles. Either way, 2023 looks to be a good year for total miles run and therefore a good running year.

I haven't had a great year like this in a very long time. Too often I start pretty good and then get sick (from poor running/recovery) and the year goes down-hill from there.

By the time all is said and done, I've lost some of my running mojo and wind up doing great if I've pulled off 500 miles for the year. Not sure why, but in recent years this seems to have been a recurring pattern.

2023 looks to be much better since I'm not quite 2/3 of the way through the year and already have pulled off over 600 miles. I started running 2 milers in 2023 and only moved up to 3 milers the fourth day of February.

Maybe a slow start made the difference. Anyway, here's to a great running year!

Good Day!

AUGUST 14, 2023

Good Day

08/12/23 06:30 PM

Had an opportunity early today to attend our annual HOA meeting. It was so wonderful to attend as a member and not as an officer, as in so many of Patty's and my previous Home Owner Associations.

Afterward, it was great to have Jonathan over for lunch and a Ham Radio antenna fix. Turns out some of the bolts had loosened up and were in need of being tightened so the antenna would not turn in heavy winds.

It was wonderful to get the antenna fixed and to have Jonathan over for the afternoon. Great food (provided by Patty) and fellowship! Hope to do it again very soon.

The Solution

AUGUST 13, 2023


08/12/23 06:30 AM

In my last post, I mentioned we were praying hard for a solution. Well, the solution is always Jesus Christ and that was, once again, the tried and true answer.

As only our Lord could have planned and designed it, turns out Gabe will not need surgery. In fact, we're told there were no gallstones and that medicine will correct the gallbladder deficiency.

That allowed Allie and Gabe to catch their original flight home with no real changes to anything. We were delayed getting to the Walmart pharmacy due to real problems on I-20 and it was closed by the time we arrived, but it sounds like the Lord can also take care of that issue.

We'll miss Allie and Gabe but know they will be glad to be home and with the other guys in the family. We pray for safe travel and a joyous homecoming!

08/12/23 05:55 PM

Just got a txt message from Allie and turns out she was able to get the RX prescription filled in Hawaii so Gabe will be able to get on the medication immediately. Way to go Allie! Much Love, Dad.

Healing Hands

AUGUST 12, 2023

Healing Hands

08/10/23 06:50 PM

Once again I'm writing a day ahead of the actual publication and two days ahead of the actual publication date. This will be published tomorrow evening when we return from our doctor visits in Birmingham and Cullman and is published in prepration for general availability the following day.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be a busy day so this will be a very short post. We're still chasing down doctor visits and trying to get to the bottom of Gabe's issue.

We're praying hard for a solution. We're praying hard for God's wisdom in our doctors. We're also praying hard for Allie's peace of mind as she and Gabe stay with us and work hard to be where they need to be and to do what they need to do.

Lord, we trust in you working through our doctors and put all of this in your healing hands. Thank you, Lord!


AUGUST 11, 2023


08/10/23 06:30 AM

Woke up to thunderstorms and rain. Haven't checked the rain gauge yet, but have to believe it contains a substantial amount of rain water based on what I heard.

More trips to the doctor for Gabe today and who knows what else. I'm pretty high in my weight range (up 3.4 pounds from the bottom and only 1.6 pounds from the top) so time to trim it back - especially after all that pasta I ate yesterday.

Looking forward to having Jonathan over this weekend to visit with Allie and Gabe, and of course Patty and I. Hoping we can get things done quickly for Gabe so that everyone can breathe a deep sigh of relief.

08/10/23 09:30 AM

Just checked the rain gauge and there was 1.75 inches. Looks like we will all go to the doctor in Gardendale again, to make a drop and pick up a form. Afterward, I think Gabe and the girls want to shop at Hobby Lobby and a few other places.

Gardendale, Alabama

AUGUST 10, 2023


08/09/23 06:30 AM

Today we get our first look at Gardendale, Alabama. We saw some houses online that looked interesting to us back when we were still looking for a home, but I guess nothing suited our interests or our budget enough to get us to take a trip up that way.

But Gabe has a doctor's visit over that way this afternoon (Wednesday) so we'll be taking a trip in that direction. I suspect we'll grab a lunch while we're over that way since the appointment falls just after lunch time.

Should be fun and interesting to get to see the place.

08/09/23 06:15 PM

Just got home a short while ago (in time for the afternoon storms to roll in) and did indeed make it over to Gardendale. Looks like Allie and Gabe will hang here a bit longer while the doctors take a closer look at Gabe. We're thinking he may have a gallbladder issue if the doctor's guess is correct.

We also invited Jonathan and Amy to come over this weekend and see Allie and Gabe again since the doctors won't be working over the weekend. Jonathan indicated that Amy has a ton of work to catch up on and it may be just him coming over.

Sorry to hear that possibility exists, but we certainly understand.

Two Movies

AUGUST 09, 2023



08/08/23 08:15 PM

For the first movie, I took Gabe to the theater to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It was fun to have a day out with Gabe!

For the second movie Allie, Patty, and I just finished Clint Eastwood's, Trouble with the Curve on DVD. That was a DVD I purchased with some of my Father's Day gift money from the Snow family.

Short post today due to the busy schedule.


AUGUST 08, 2023

Chic fil A

08/07/23 06:50 AM

It's a popular place for the Snow family. So, we're headed there today before we make our grocery run to the Walmart.

I'm not quite sure where it's at but I'm sure we'll find it. I'm told it's over that way somewhere.

That's good enough for me. I'm sure the GPS in the car will find it and announce the way for us.

How did we ever survive when we didn't have a GPS? Can't believe we were so map dependent back then. And those still didn't handle the last few turns when you got close to be place you were trying to find.

Well, just finished my Monday workout and my three mile run and cooling down with a bit of blog writing. The forecast is calling for thunder storms to move in somewhere after 2:00 PM. As much activity as we have seen lately on the weather front, I wouldn't be surprised if that was an accurate forecast.


AUGUST 07, 2023

Weather 3

08/06/23 07:05 AM

Well, I was thinking it was going to be a quiet Sunday, but I'm not so sure anymore. In fact, I was thinking it was going to be a quiet Saturday evening last night, that is until the rain showed up - and boy did it show up!

Now they're forecasting big storms this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if they arrive, but lately the forecasts have all been accurate, unlike what we've experienced over the last few weeks and months - where the rain was in the forecast but never arrived.

One thing is for sure, the grass will tell us how the weather has been. When it has been raining, we can't wait for the yard crew to make their bi-weekly rounds. If it has been dry, the crew still comes but the job doesn't seem as demanding as it does when it's been raining.

Political Corruption

AUGUST 06, 2023

Political Corruption

08/04/23 01:35 PM

Well, it looks like this may go all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS.) I'm talking about the presidential race and in particular, the rush to judgement of former president Donald J. Trump.

I've already heard Josh Phillips on Epoch TV express his wonder about how they might be able to lock up Trump and still have the required body guards present. He (JP) reflects that there may wind up being some sort of house arrest involved to alleviate those problems if Trump is convicted on any of the counts.

I don't want to believe that a conviction is possible given what should happen but that could wind up being a far cry from what may actually occur based on the high degree of corruption in our democratic leadership and in particular the Biden administration.

If that isn't bad enough, the corruption of the judges, the attorneys, and the special council may wind up producing dire consequences for Trump. Will conservatives revolt against such or will they abandon Trump?

We'll see...


AUGUST 05, 2023


08/02/23 08:20 AM

Well, just finished my (Wednesday) weight training and three mile run. It was a pain but it's over now. Also texted with Allie and they're on their way to Atlanta. They should arrive in Atlanta for a late lunch and then depart for the Birmingham airport just after 5:00 PM.

With the time change they will actually get here a few minutes before they left Atlanta. Seems strange but I had that happen a number of times on the way to Pensacola from Atlanta on the tail end of a business trip.

I've got several weeks to wait before I can obtain another book on Audible so I'm maximizing my opportunity with Podcasts. I really like Mark Levin and had no idea he has a daily podcast. Needless to say, I've been taking in the front end of each of those.

Really looking forward to Allie's and Gabe's arrival. Can't wait to see them. By the time this is published, they will have already been here a few days.

800 Posts

AUGUST 04, 2023


08/01/23 07:50 AM

Weeks or months ago I put a note on my calendar to remind me that today is post number 800. As you can see, I'm typing this on August 1st so I put the reminder in a couple of days ahead of the actual date that I would need it.

08/03/23 05:00 PM

We had some wrinkles thrown in our plans for today, so I slowed the three miles per mile pace back to around 8:30+ (7.0 treadmill setting) from 8:00 (7.5 treadmill setting). It felt better but still pretty rough starting the day at 4 AM and running around 4 PM and after a big lunch with a large beer.

08/04/23 02:05 PM

Back to a 7.5 treadmill setting and an eight minutes per mile pace for my three mile run. Even with the weight training I was pleasantly surprised at how doable the entire run was. Looking forward to moving my runs back to the early morning slot.

Ham Radio

AUGUST 03, 2023

Quiet Ham Bands

08/01/23 11:00 AM

I've tried to access Oceania and even Europe and South or Central America, but the ham bands have been very quiet. 6 meters, which was alive, is now dead as a doornail and I'm guessing we're in a trend since it has been this way for a while now.

Old Age

AUGUST 02, 2023

Old Age

08/01/23 08:05 AM

Yesterday, Patty and I had a chat about what we should be doing with our lives (from a spiritual standpoint) now that we are in our senior years. I'm not sure that one can ever feel like he or she is doing enough at any point.

But, I've been seeking out the Holy Spirit for an answer to this question and feel like I've been provided with a solid response. The things we are doing are not easy and require diligence and discipline.

And all of that is a good thing upon which to focus here in our senior years. Living for the Lord in these years, and all that comes with that, is the place where our focus should be.

Prayer (speaking to God) and meditation (listening to Him), staying physically fit, eating well, managing our weight, managing what we say and to whom we say it, being available for the kids, and keeping our focus upon God and listening intently for the whispers of His Holy Spirit are all good things.

I remember being at a church conference back when I was newly married and asking a new friend what God was saying to the folks at his church. I also remember his answer and thinking how unspiritual it was when he responded with the ideas of health and fitness.

Now, many years later, I am able to see the wisdom in that comment. Funny (and a bit tragic) how I completely missed his point back then.


AUGUST 01, 2023

Monday 2

07/31/23 12:25 PM

Monday is always a busy day, especially here with a month-end tied in and all that needs to take place on the blogsite.

There's also the grocery pickup; strip the bed so Patty can wash the sheets; the appearance of, and check writing for, the yard crew (every other Monday!); and in this case preparing the place for Allie's and Gabe's arrival - which involves moving the cat's stuff and cleaning the room for Allie and one for Gabe as well.

Not sure about the yard crew. Weather's nice (sunny and hot!) but they haven't arrived as they usually do.

08/01/23 09:25 AM

As I type it's now Tuesday and the yard crew is here and working hard. Glad we will have that done by the time Allie and Gabe arrive.


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