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Last Day of 2022

DECEMBER 31, 2022

Last Day of 2022

12/29/22 06:30 PM

As I write it's only Thursday evening and the 29th of December. As I publish, it's New Year's Eve. I don't think we'll do anything much to celebrate. Perhaps some takeout, and maybe a movie - or maybe not.

In fact, I think it's been a few years since we've stayed up long enough to see the ball drop. I guess that's the price of getting older. We tend to crash earlier.

Since the new year starts on a weekend, I'm guessing that the typical day off will fall on Friday this time around. If that's the case, the typical high-volume ham radio weekend may also start a day sooner and that should bode well for my award earning efforts.

Well, tomorrow brings with it a return to some of my daily regimen (running and weight training) from which I've enjoyed stepping away the past few days. It also brings with it a new year and a new plan for the blog.

Talk to you then!

More Thoughts

DECEMBER 30, 2022

More Thoughts

12/29/22 07:45 AM

I'm still trying to land on a decision about the blog in the new year. So far, no success.

One thing is for sure, I'm so glad to be taking a couple of days off from the exercise regimen. As hard as I've been going at it, down-days are a real pleasure. That's especially true when 1) I've planned for them and 2) When I've met my goals for the year and can afford some time for R&R.

Just got off of 52 and had a nice VHF chat with Bob. On the HF front, things are moving more slowly than I anticipated with the three big goals (to add Asia, Africa, and Oceania to the awards mix) but I should have expected that. I'm 70% done with Asia and 45% done with both Africa and Oceania. Oddly enough, Africa seems to be the place where I've made the most progress lately.

As I said at the open, I'm still pondering a direction for the blog next year. But that's what makes this fun - that I have the flexibility to go in any direction that suits me. And, I'm not locked in either so I can change anything at any time. The new year just tends to be a convenient place to consider changes.

A few of the topics in the Categories Menu are going to be more and more popular this coming year (e.g., Politics, Ham Radio, Health) and I'll probably wind up writing about them no matter what direction I take. Again, that's what makes this whole thing so interesting and so much fun for me. And there's always the opportunity to expand the technology a bit, but I haven't even considered that one yet.

Any way you cut it, I'm one day closer to the new year.

Next Year

DECEMBER 29, 2022

Next Year

12/28/22 04:10 PM

Just finished my last run for the year and sitting here all sweaty at the keyboard. Today was also an off-day for weight training and begins a period of a few days off from that and running before I pick both back up starting in the new year.

I haven't decided what, if any, changes I'm going to make to the blog in 2023. However, I do have a few ideas rolling around in my head.

Perhaps I'll move away from daily posts in an effort to increase the quality of my posts and reduce the time dedicated to the task throughout the year. Or maybe I'll move to writing about a single topic in sort of a thematic style. Or maybe I'll stay with daily posts and my current journal/scrapbook approach.

There's a lot to think about and I'm in no hurry to land on an answer. I've still got a few days to give it some more thought.

In fact, as I think about it, maybe I'll move away from my current approach of a journal/scrapbook and back toward writing about those topics that are of such great interest to me and are listed in my categories menu. That seems to make a lot of sense to me. But then again...

And, whether or not I will write on a daily basis is still up for grabs. I'll let you know when the new year arrives.

Last Run

DECEMBER 28, 2022

Last Run

12/28/22 11:25 AM

Well, I just got back from the doctor and the bands are quiet so I think I will go ahead and get in my last run for the year. This will put me at 600 miles for the year. That averages out to roughly 11.5 miles per week and I'm taking the rest of the year off in terms of running and weight lifting.

Not much else going on except to say it's nice to be beyond those sub-freezing nights. It's currently 61°F and the low for the evening is only slated for 41°F. I can live with that after lows reaching into single digits over the past week or two.


DECEMBER 27, 2022


12/27/22 07:10 AM

Today starts out with Patty making a visit to the doctor. We're getting older and making sure everything is okay becomes more and more important.

I'm doing the same thing tomorrow to see if I can determine the cause of my wonkyness or instability. As I've said before, it's not vertigo for I have had that even recently and know what it feels like and what (for me) causes it.

However, it's a pretty consistent part of my life and would be wonderful if I could determine the cause and eradicate it with some medicine. I went through a pretty lengthy battery of tests over in Spanish Fort, so not sure how they would want to approach this with my new doctor. I've had all of the test results sent over so that we don't wind up duplicating any efforts.

Tonight we're scheduled to go down to 24°F and it's the last night of sub-freezing weather on the ten-day forecast. In fact where slated for rain, thunderstorms, and warmer temps reaching up to 70°F on the ten-day forecast.

Looking forward to getting Ham Radio-active again with assurances that I'll be able to use my antenna rotor without any concerns of it being frozen. What an odd thing to encounter for the first time after 50 years in the hobby.

And on the running front, I'll hit my running goal for the year tomorrow. Other than the move and some rest days, it was a pretty consistent year of two-milers and a total of 600 miles. With the crazy terrain we inherited on our move, the treadmill (or dreadmill as I like to call it) became a regular part of my life in the last half of 2022.

The Day After

DECEMBER 26, 2022

The Day After 2

12/26/22 07:00 AM

It's the day after Christmas. And a magical Christmas it has been with the kids and the grandkids!

And now the clean up begins. Fortunately, we're pretty organized and are able to knock it out in one day. In fact, it's just past 7 am and we've already put most of it away.

Allie and Josh and the grandsons are on their way to the second half of their trip which includes a visit with Josh's side of the family. Meanwhile, we're still packing and washing and cleaning and will be for a bit longer today.

Our outside garbage can is full to the brim and we still have 4 full days before the garbage guys do their pickup. Managing the movement of the (yet to be filled) garbage bags to the garage will be a tricky effort.

And as our temps climb back above freezing, it will be time to get active on the ham radio once again. I still have some awards I'm seeking.

I should also be able to complete my 2022 running goals in time to take some of the New Year's weekend off. We'll see how that goes. Weight training has also had good success in 2022. No rigid goals there except to stay with it, which I did.

And, I'm hoping to finish my weight management efforts for 2022 on a positive note. I'm down for the year which is about all I really wanted to accomplish. I'll report on all of the above when the new year kicks off.

Merry Christmas

DECEMBER 25, 2022

Merry Christmas 2

12/25/22 06:05 PM

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

As it turns out, Jonathan and Amy were able to drive over and join us for lunch and the afternoon. What a delight and a blessing it was to have them over. With the Snow family visiting and already staying with us, it was such a joy to have the entire family, including the grandsons, here for Christmas!

We've done a lot of cleaning up. Jonathan and Amy have already departed for home and the Snow family departs dark-thirty in the morning. I'm thankful that they would invest all that it took to make the trip and give us their presence and valuable time.

I took the weekend off from running since I should still be able to easily make my goal of 600+ miles this year. If all goes as expected, I should finish up the year around 608 miles. I also stayed with my weight training and showed good results. As for my weight loss for the year, it's looking pretty good so far. More on that as we get closer to Jan 1 of 2023.

Despite the upcoming rain, it looks like we're moving from sub-freezing temps to something mild. I look forward to that.

Christmas Eve

DECEMBER 24, 2022



12/23/22 03:40 PM

As I write, it's still the 23rd. As I publish, it's Christmas eve.

Yesterday, the 22nd, we took the boys back to the factory one more time so Josh could see the place and how much the boys enjoyed it.

The first picture above is of the waiting area where we all talked while the boys played laser tag. The second picture shows the scoreboard so we could keep up with all that was going on. The teams and scores changed constantly.

The grandsons took full advantage of the in-ground trampolines as the old (feeling) folks looked on. My dad was right when he said that the grandkids were meant to be with the young people who had the energy to keep up with them. I can't imagine having to maintain their pace at this senior point in life.


DECEMBER 23, 2022


12/22/22 03:40 PM

Patty and I have a standing joke about bringing bad weather with us to whatever location we move. And the cold temps in store this week only serve to underline our point.

I'm not quite sure what to expect, but you can bet that plenty of faucet dripping will be involved.

We've decided to cancel any and all plans for outings in favor of staying home and tucked in (and hopefully warm) for the days leading up to and including Christmas.

The Snow family plans to depart the day after Christmas, and I guess we'll see if weather permits. If not, well, I suppose we'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.

As I prepare to publish what I wrote yesterday, it's 11 degrees (F) outside and the low a bit earlier was only 10. It's only supposed to get up to 21 today. Ouch!

By the way, I heard the garbage men earlier. Those poor guys must have been cold!

Ham Stats

DECEMBER 22, 2022

Ham Stats 3

12/22/22 10:00 AM

I thought it would be fun to post the latest ham stats (see upper image) in comparison to those posted about 13 days ago back on December 10 (seen in the lower image.)

I'm grateful for the large group of folks who recently confirmed the Africa contacts and that's also a nice climb in the total countries (entities) worked listed next to DXCC.

Hattie B's

DECEMBER 21, 2022

Hattie B's

12/21/22 05:50 PM

The big event for the day was a trip to Hattie B's Hot Chicken Restaurant. We were hosted there by Jonathan and Amy during our visit with them at their new home in Homewood, Alabama. Boy, was that meal ever good!

The morning kicked off with a visit from Childress Heating and Air to ensure we didn't have a big problem with our propane fireplace. It was a short visit and they had us fixed up and good to go.

After that we made our trip over to see Jonathan and Amy and to provide Allie and Josh with an opportunity to check out their new home. Upon arriving back at our house, we all took a long nap. What a joy and much needed rest that was!

I got up and grabbed a quick run and we're getting ready to sit down to a supper made up of one of Patty's crock pot specialties. Josh is a big fan of the meal and so she makes it anytime he's in town.

The Day

DECEMBER 20, 2022

The Day

12/20/22 07:20 AM

Allie spent the day yesterday visiting a friend from Rome, Ga. Patty and I spent the day with the grandsons playing cards and eating lots of cookies.

We also got a bit of grocery shopping in before it got dark and even picked up pizzas for supper. What a treat that was.

Josh is scheduled to arrive late this evening. And, we are blessed to have another night without sub-freezing weather.

Also, looking forward to a visit with Jonathan and Amy tomorrow.


DECEMBER 19, 2022


12/19/22 07:00 AM

Well, the big event for yesterday was making gingerbread cookies and icing them with all sorts of wonderful colors. Patty was the master chef and Allie and the grandkids joined Patty in producing and icing the cookies.

We didn't get too far from the house since it was pretty cold. However, today we are planning a trip to the local grocery store to fill out our fridge and pantry.

I'm still managing to stay true to my workout and blogging schedule. And, the weather is going to give us a break from sub-freezing evenings before we go into the back half of the week. We're slated to hit the low teens and a bit of snow.

Josh arrives on Tuesday and we are all scheduled to go and visit Jon and Amy at their new home on Wednesday and all go out for a lunch together. Weather permitting, they will also join us for lunch on Christmas day.

Should be fun.

Big Day

DECEMBER 18, 2022

Big Day

12/17/22 07:10 PM

Well, the big event for today was our visit to the factory. It's a place where the grandkids could go wild and have a blast. It included three 10-minute rounds of Laser Tag followed by an hour of jumping on the many trampolines in the tramp room and playing on the obstacle course and a jump or two into the foam block pit.

It all started with a two hour shopping extravaganza at the almost local Walmart (Since the snow family doesn't have access to a Walmart back at home.) That was followed up by a lunch at the Western Sizzlin' Buffet where everyone got to pick exactly what they wanted and then onto the Factory.

We closed the day down with an assembly of the Christmas Tree that arrived at the house today and I'm taking a moment to blog here for tomorrow's post describing today's events. Oh, I almost forgot the nap when we got home from a very busy day. It was a welcome opportunity for a much-needed rest.

Noah's iPhone

DECEMBER 17, 2022

Noah's iPhone

12/16/22 05:45 PM

Well, the big event for the day was taking Noah to buy his black iPhone 13 mini. We picked it up at the Summit Apple Store in Birmingham, Alabama - about an hour from the house.

We lost about 15 minutes on the trip over due to road construction and a pretty big backup. However, we had an all-clear on the trip home. We even stopped by the dam and the park and enjoyed getting out of the car, going for a walk, and stretching the legs just a bit.

The picture above is of Noah, our oldest grandson, who is now the proud owner of his first cell phone. One that he saved up for and purchased himself.


DECEMBER 16, 2022

Cold 2

12/16/22 07:05 AM

Well, it's relatively early and I'm the only one up.

Dish washer dishes have been put away and the dishwasher has been reloaded. Cappuccino in hand and log just filled out for the day. Down 1.4 pounds which is just fine with me.

Grandsons are fast asleep behind me and we're going to pick up Noah's new phone today at the Apple store in Birmingham, just over an hour away. He's been saving and is ready to buy!

I can't believe the low temps we're slated for this week. Last time I looked there was a 13 degrees (F) somewhere in there. And mostly sub-freezing evenings in store while the kids and grandkids are here. Ouch!

Guess I'll be doing the dripping thing on those cold and freezing evenings.


DECEMBER 15, 2022


12/14/22 10:40 AM

It's that time.

The fun starts today.

This will be a short post because things are about to get very busy. Suffice to say, we can't wait for the excitement to begin and it's closer than ever.

So, here goes!

Almost Time

DECEMBER 14, 2022

Almost Time

12/14/22 09:55 AM

It's almost time!

About twenty-four hours from now Patty and I will be getting in the car and driving up to Huntsville International Airport to pick up Allie and the grandkids. We've got a lot to get done between now and then but have also made a lot of progress on our preparations to-do list.

Patty is so well organized that we should have no problems finishing up the list and getting a good night's sleep before hosting most of the Snow family. What a fun time it will be.

Included in the fun will be visits to and from Jonathan and Amy. What a treat that will be.

Meanwhile, Josh has to stay back and get some work-related things done and will be arriving several days later. He's also going to pick up a rental car and drive here in preparation for their being able to get around while they're here and for the drive back to the airport after sharing Christmas with us.

I think they have plans to fly out and spend some time with Josh's side of the family before returning home to their luscious tropical paradise on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands.

But, enough about how it will all come to an end.

Let the fun begin!

Christmas Season

DECEMBER 13, 2022

Christmas Season

12/11/22 06:50 AM

Well, today's a grocery pickup day leading into the Christmas season with both Jon and Amy's visits and a visit from the Snow family.

I'll save the day-to-day plans for the upcoming blog posts, but suffice to say it should be a wonderful time for everyone.

The weather plan looks like it's holding together nicely which means moving our grocery pick-up one day turns out to be a great strategy. Cloudy for todays grocery pick-up with rain tomorrow (on our normal grocery pickup day) followed by a sunny day in which to go and get Allie and the grandsons around lunch time from the Huntsville International airport.

The Christmas tree that Patty ordered online arrives on the 19th and should be a lot of fun to put together and decorate with the Snow family. I believe it's 7.5 feet tall and a smaller version of our previous 9-foot Christmas tree complete with white flocking and red holly berries.

Looking forward to a great Christmas season with the entire family!


DECEMBER 12, 2022


12/11/22 01:15 PM

It would be so easy to make excuses about why I should not do my weight training or running on any given day. Excuses are easy but I think my Asperger's keeps me from taking those easy outs. It's probably a measuring thing. In fact, I'm quite sure that's what it is.

And, to be honest, I don't see anything wrong with that - even if it gets me where I want to go in a very non-neuro-typical fashion. As long as I get there that's what matters most to me.

Here's a simple example of how my Asperger's (and perhaps a touch of OCD) kicks in (and works together) to push me where I want to go. My running and fitness log indicates I have run 572 miles this year. Sometime back I used that number to set a goal to put in at least 600 miles this year.

The problem is that it would be nice to take time off from running while the kids are here, but that means I would miss my goal by a measly 10 miles. UGH! (Getting the Asperger's + OCD picture here?)

At the same time, I don't want my running and weight training to get in the way of our daily plans (and we have a lot of them!) so I guess that means I'll be cranking those miles out before the day gets going.

As long as I meet my goal, I suppose I can miss a day or two, here and there, if it helps the community cause LOL.

Well, maybe.

46 Years

DECEMBER 11, 2022

46 Years

12/11/22 08:30 AM

It's a rainy day and also our 46th wedding anniversary. We celebrated yesterday with a day at the fabulous museums in Anniston, Alabama. Wildlife, dinosaurs, art, war, and a program featuring sing-alongs and the history of Christmas carols were all included.

There's a 2 PM play today at JSU and we may take that in, weather permitting, or we may just tuck in and stay away from the weather if it's bad.

It was interesting to look at the image (above) and see what all was happening back at the time we were married. Hard to believe that some very famous people were just born back then.

Wishing my soulmate a wonderful 46th. What an amazing adventure it has been and continues to be. I love you my deary dear.

Here's to many, many more.

Ham Stats

DECEMBER 10, 2022

Ham Stats

12/09/22 09:20 AM

I figured there would come a day when I will finally earn all of the basic ham radio awards I'm going after. I've got many of them but have three remaining. Those are Masters of Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

I thought it would be worth my time to publish my current standings since things are moving rather quickly. Wouldn't be surprised if things slow down just a bit (due to band conditions) but still thought it would be good to publish my current situation on the way toward a final level of success. I have my new hexbeam to thank for picking up the speed in earing these final three basic awards.

I'm looking forward to injecting a bit more voice operations into the mix after I complete the three aforementioned awards. Should be fun - especially with the locals on 6 meters (which is quite new to me.)

Mixed Bag

DECEMBER 09, 2022

Mixed Bag

12/09/22 07:15 AM

Well, to start with, we got our Christmas schedule set out and are looking forward to time with the Snow family and with Jonathan and Amy. The season promises to hold wonderful and exciting times for all of us.

After writing about band conditions yesterday, I enjoyed an awesome time of rock solid band conditions last night. I was able to pick up a couple of African, Asian, and Oceania countries and a new entity - Antigua & Barbuda. It all made for a great evening on the ham radio. I need more like that.

Got in a good workout and a run yesterday and enjoyed a walk afterward with Patty through some of the neighborhood. It was good also to chat with some of the neighbors who were driving by.

I was up .2 pounds today and am .6 pounds above my target weight. That also means I'm well within the range I have set out for myself. It seems, from what she told me, that Patty is also down close to her goal weight and doing very well with her exercises and weight maintenance.

I have no idea what we're going to do to solve our issues with our cat, Lily. She has become very territorial and wants to be out all of the time and also fighting with the other cats. It's all become a real head ache for Patty and I and we have no idea what we want or need to do about it.

Band Conditions

DECEMBER 08, 2022

Band Conditions

12/08/22 11:20 AM

I'm learning that connecting with a DX station centers first and foremost around band conditions, with the quality of the antenna being a clear second.

I'm watching folks struggle to make contacts and who have superior antenna systems to the new hexbeam I purchased. I think I got spoiled just a bit with some outstanding band conditions when I first installed my new hexbeam.

Now the reality is kicking in and I'm even seeing guys with a SteppIR who are not able to make reasonable contacts. That's truly an eye opener for me.

What I finding is that I have no idea how to set my expectations. On one station I can be receiving an initial report of around -10 and make an easy and quite surprising contact. With another station, I can be receiving an initial report of +10 and cannot connect even if the report jumps on up to +15 or a bit more.

Even with those positive situations I am at a loss to understand why my signal is not even showing up on the PSKreporter. The whole thing is truly a mystery to me.

Culture Shift

DECEMBER 07, 2022

Cancel Culture

12/07/22 07:00 AM

What do a lot of people know that I don't know? That's what I have to ask myself after witnessing the US Senate runoff in Georgia between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

I'm the first to admit that Walker carrys a ton of dirty laundry into the election, but, in my eyes anyway, so does the Democratic party. And what about Warnock's dirty laundry that the press so conveniently ignored?

The irony is that I am concerned that more people do not seem concerned about the Democratic platform and all that it seems to be unleashing under the Biden administration. People seem to be voting for and against candidates rather than party platforms. I may be wrong, but that's the only way I can read what I'm seeing.

Would I vote for Trump again? If that's my only choice to vote against the Democratic platform then I would jump on it. As a personality, there's not a lot I like about Trump. But I think he did a fabulous job as president in terms of the conservative things that got accomplished, despite his personal performance.

Would I like to see Trump step away in favor of someone like Ron DeSantis? Yes, I would, but in this season I'm not sure a Republican presidential candidate is electable. I hope I'm wrong on that one, but I have to acknowledge what I'm seeing and what I'm seeing does not favor a conservative Republican party for anything.

What I'm witnessing is a dramatic culture shift and a willingness on the part of the liberal left to lie, cheat, and steal in order to put their liberal policies in place. I have no idea how we got here, but we are indeed here and this seems to be what we are presently facing.


DECEMBER 06, 2022


12/06/22 08:25 AM

Yesterday, I was able to work a station that was set up at a mission hospital on the continent of Africa. In particular, they were located in the country of Malawi on the west coast of the continent near the southern tip of Africa.

The name of the mission is Embangweni and it was a real treat to be able to reach out to them and make the contact. The picture above is the entrance to the mission and I have included some additional pictures below including a picture of the continent of Africa with the location of Malawi indicated.

I had seen the station on the air days before conditions were suitable for making the contact. I was so glad conditions became suitable last night.






Rainy Monday

DECEMBER 05, 2022

Rainy Day

12/05/22 07:30 AM

It sounds like the title to a Carpenters song. Looks like we're starting out the week with a rainy Monday.

I'm so glad Justin was able to come by yesterday and look at the ham radio antenna since we're supposed to have a lot of rain this week. He did a great job and it looks like we may make a ham operator out of him. He indicated he was going to look into it and I pointed him toward the study guides for the tests.

Patty found a really neat museum down in Anniston and it looks like that's where we are going to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. It's a two-part deal, which includes an interesting program, and should make for a very fun day.

We've got Allie and the boys coming up the following week for a ten day stay. Josh has to stay home for a work-related project but should arrive and be a part of things (including Christmas) for the last three of those ten days. Patty and I are trying to figure out what we want to do to keep the grandsons entertained during their stay. She has a great list put together and should make for a fun stay.

We've both got end of the year doctor visits to look into some of the challenges that come along with getting older. Dad sure was right with his thoughts and comments about old age. It's most certainly not for sissies.


DECEMBER 04, 2022

Mixed Nuts

12/03/22 10:10 AM

Well, the plan was to have Justin come by and make a few refinements to the antenna, but the rain and the wet roof has delayed that plan. Looks like we're going to try for tomorrow instead.

While tomorrow looks cloudy, there's currently no forecast for rain. That looks better than the rest of the week as rain is slated to move in on Monday and hang around for the week. I hope we are able to get those refinements made tomorrow.

Looks like the forecast for the week is also calling for highs between the upper 50's to lower 70's and lows between the lower 40's and upper 50's. Not a bad range to accompany the rainfall in the forecast.

With the ham radio bands staying pretty quiet last night, I opted for a movie and watched The Note on my iPad. I had forgotten how good that story is and I really like Ted McGinley. He does a great job playing the leading man.

Christmas Plans

DECEMBER 03, 2022

Christmas Plans

12/02/22 05:55 PM

Patty and I had a nice video chat with Allie tonight. The topic was Christmas plans and in particular the Christmas schedule. Looks like they are going to be able to join us this year.

The plans are about as solid as can be expected from a plan that's not yet solid. It's amazing how much planning has to go into something like this, especially when things have already been done that would have supported a different plan.

Between kids and grandkids visit, visits with Jonathan and Amy, doctor visits, garden plans, ham antenna plans, and a heap load of other plans that have been made or need to be made, we've got a lot of things on our plates.

With only four weeks until 2023, time is running out!


DECEMBER 02, 2022


12/01/22 05:20 PM


I'm not talking about the kind that jingles in my pockets or that my fellow coin collectors and I go about collecting. I'm talking about a situation where something becomes different.

Change. Life is all about it. That's what I keep learning.

When we lived in Florida we were quite familiar with the old saying about the weather. Give it a moment and it will change. The same goes for life. Give it a moment and it will change.

I've always been a guy who prefers predictable. I've always been the conservative type who wants things to be static. But I have learned that there is no such thing as a predictable or static life. And if I try to live it that way, it is bound to present me with one disappointment after another.

So, I'm learning that success is not measured in one's ability to remain static. It's measured in terms of one's ability to adapt to change.

For me, one of the best ways to effectively manage change is to effectively manage my expectations. It's common for folks to have dreams, hopes, and goals. But they will bring about disastrous consequences if they don't provide room for change.

Managing expectations is a great way to build room for change into a plan. And how we respond to change, when it comes our way, is a great indicator of how well we have managed those expectations.

One other point worth considering is our equation for life. Injecting too many variables into it is a sure way of creating a change factory that is going to be impossible to manage. Oh, and be sure to allow for life itself to inject a few variables of its own into your equation for life, because it surely will.


DECEMBER 01, 2022

Blogging 2

11/30/22 07:25 PM

It's always a busy time preparing the blog for the new month. As I have mentioned before, there are several things that commercial blogs do using code and that I must do manually since it's just not worth writing all of the code that would be necessary.

That manual work is a lot of busy work, but it's much easier to prepare and maintain than writing all of the necessary code to automate the process. Other than finishing and publishing this post, I think I have everything put together in preparation for the final month of 2022.

Next month (January 2023) there will be the additional task of updating the copyright notice from 2022 to 2023. I initially had to do that manually for each and every page in the blog, but a couple of years ago I coded an include. In that way, the new year only has to be updated in one place and is read and then written (included) in each page from that location. It's much easier and much faster now to update the new year.

I just finished watching Dances With Wolves. What an amazing film! I haven't seen it in a year or two but it always takes me into deep places when I watch it. I have no idea now many times I've seen it since it came out in November of 1990, but I'm sure the tradition will continue.


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