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The Dying Citizen

Published for Thursday - November 30, 2023

Dying Citizen

Written Wednesday - 11/29/23 7:30 AM

I finished the book last night. I must say, Victor Davis Hanson has a way with breaking things apart for a better understanding.

What I find interesting is the idea that these categories that he uses have been with us for quite some time now. And if there is real truth to what he is saying in this book, we should all be concerned.

In some respects he paints a picture of a country headed off a cliff. And, that picture becomes more real with every brush stroke that he offers.

It really makes one wonder how we ever got to this place. Did we become so comfortable in living that we ignored the warning signs?

I watched the movie Valkyrie for the umpteenth time last night and am more in awe of the message in Hanson's book and the similarities to what happened in the movie. There's a lot to chew on in that idea.

I'm looking forward to reading the other two books I purchased with cash and at a big discount. I'm also looking forward to reviewing the list of available books and using my book credit for a more substantial purchase.

More on Books

Published for Wednesday - November 29, 2023


Written Tuesday - 11/28/23 7:10 AM

Well, I had an opportunity to rethink my approach toward books and particularly the read-to-me variety. I've decided that a good book is worth the work and reading books, whether the kind you hold and read or have read to you, is indeed work!

Just doing a vocabulary check takes time. With some of the books I've been purchasing, there's a lot of vocabulary to learn which equates to extra time and work.

So, I purchased two books last night that were on sale and ones that I've wanted to read. I still have a credit to purchase a more expensive book and plan to use it wisely. In fact, I want to reread one of the books I've already purchased and consumed. I'm realizing that I want to have more to take away from my previous reading. Remembering what I've read is another important work element for reading a book.


Published for Tuesday - November 28, 2023

Books 2

Written Monday - 11/27/23 7:45 AM

I'm not an academic. And I don't do much driving at all by myself. It seems those are two strong prerequisites to having books read aloud to me. Both my sister and my son are avid consumers of books read aloud but both do a lot of driving by themselves.

My son has a 1+ hour commute and my sister is a realtor who seems to be in her car by herself for long periods of time. But I'm not either and I don't enjoy having a book read to me while I sit in the house. Of course, I don't much enjoy the process of reading either unless it's something spiritual or political.

I'm not much for podcasts either. I like reading facts but don't much enjoy having my thoughts molded for me. I'd rather do that myself. It's odd but I also don't much enjoy reading or hearing how the other side feels about things. These days, it seems people enjoy being angry. But, not me!

So am I going to drop my account for having books read aloud to me? I don't know yet. There are some good writers and good books out there of the non-fiction ilk and I enjoy those books and in particular not having to strain my eyes to read them. So, I guess we'll see.

Done With 3's

Published for Monday - November 27, 2023

Two Miles

Written Sunday - 11/26/23 12:25 PM

Woo Hoo! Today was my last 3 miler and I just finished it. Having already put in a full half day, and a big day yesterday, those three miles really took a toll on the body.

Unless something unexpected comes up the last few days of this month or in December, that should be it for 3 milers. It's going to be smooth sailing with a balance of 2 milers for the rest of the year, whether a weight training day or not.

Not sure if I want to add or make any changes to the weight training regimen, but we'll cross that bridge as we come to it. In the meantime, I'm glad to put the three mile runs behind me.


Published for Sunday - November 26, 2023


Written Friday - 11/24/23 6:55 AM

The picture above is not of me. It's just one I found some time ago and out on the internet. And, I used it for a previous post about running.

I'm using it again because of my love for running outside, even though it's not on the schedule these days. I'm dedicated to the treadmill because of what it has to offer me in my present and balance-concerned condition.

I've got 2 runs that are 3 milers remaining. Unfortunately, one of those runs is scheduled on a day where we have to get up early and be in Tallapoosa, GA by 9 AM CT or 10 AM ET (over there.) Guess that means I'll do the run when I get back home that afternoon.

Including 2 milers for the rest of the year, that still provides me with a day off if we decide to spend the night with Jonathan and Amy over the Christmas Holidays.

Yesterday I mentioned my weight and the volume of food that remains from the Thanksgiving Holiday. I may go ahead and polish off that food and allow my weight to remain near the top of my range. I've just been working very hard not to allow the recording of a weight on my exercise log that falls above my predetermined range. For me, it's a numbers thing. Smiley


Published for Saturday - November 25, 2023


Written Friday - 11/24/23 6:35 AM

Well, as for my weight I was very concerned when I went to bed last night after a day full of eating. I did a salad for supper and no desserts but was way over the top of my weight range when I went to bed.

It's probably not a good thing that I dreamed about weight and being barely within my range although that's exactly what happened this morning. I was .4 pounds below the top of my range this morning and up a full pound after eating so much for Thanksgiving.

As for the dreams, they were crazy! A lot of it doesn't make sense on the morning after although those crazy things made complete sense in the dream.

Once again, it's time to peel off some pounds so I will have to be a light food consumer for the next few days to get back toward the bottom of my range. That's going to be tough with all of the good food in the fridge, but at the same time it's not going to be that difficult because it's all part of the plan.

Tomorrow I will write about my running schedule through the end of the year. It will be interesting to see how all of that unfolds as it happens.


Published for Friday - November 24, 2023

Evidence 3

Written Thursday - 11/22/23 11:35 AM

God's got this (and everything) and I'm so grateful that he does. The faith that is involved is meaningful. But the prophetic evidence for His existence is so strong!

In fact, Hank Hanegraff used to refer to the MAPS acronym for Manuscript evidence, Archeological evidence, Prophetic evidence, and finally the Statistical probability of it all.

There's a lot, in all of that, for strengthening one's faith. And mine has indeed been strengthened in it. They all work together in an amazing way, but for me the Prophetic Evidence is hard to ignore.

That prophets in various regions of the world brought forth the same message at the same time and from differet places is indeed hard to look beyond. What an amazing thing.

It doesn't take a scholar to figure that one out. The evidence is there for anyone willing to stop and take a look at it. And for this numbers guy, the statistical probability of it all is the icing on the cake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published for Thursday - November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

Written Wednesday - 11/22/23 7:20 AM

Happy Thanksgiving. Patty is putting together and amazing spread and Jonathan and Amy are joining us for the festivities.


Published for Wednesday - November 22, 2023


Written Tuesday - 11/21/23 6:50 PM

Yesterday I went behind our yard crew and did a bit of touch up. Guess what? Today is looks like no one had done anything. The wind stirred more leaves and they were back in the ditches and yard - just not quite as much.

The fenced in garden area had some leaves and a lot of pebbles and especially acorns. I raked the left-over leaves and a ton of acorns into a big pile. I took two wheelbarrow loads of acorns and dumped them in my wood pile along with a heavy layer of leaves.

Yesterday, I used my leaf blower to get the remaining leaves out of the perimeter beds and today more were back from the winds and rain. I waited until the rain let up to clean things up. I'll probably get the blower out and give the garden area one more clean up.

The back yard looks fabulous. They yard crew did a great job there and no extra efforts were required.

Yard Crew

Published for Tuesday - November 21, 2023

Yard Crew

Written Monday - 11/20/23 3:25 PM

Not much to write about today. Busy day and will share more about it at a later and more appropriate time.

Worth a mention is the job the yard crew did on the grass and the leaves. I may have to go behind them and get a few more leaves in the front and a few acorns in the garden area, but all-in-all they did a good job.

I'm particularly impressed how they got the leaves in the garden area without damaging the mulch in the perimeter beds.


Published for Monday - November 20, 2023

Walmart 2

Written Sunday - 11/19/23 11:10 AM

Well, I just got back with a Thanksgiving load from Walmart. We're having Jonathan and Amy over for a Thanksgiving lunch and some time together.

The grocery run was a day early because we have an errand to run on Monday. I could not believe how many cars were in the grocery lot.

In fact, I think the grocery lot was as full as I've ever seen it. Not sure if that's because it's Sunday (a weekend day) or because it's the weekend leading up to the Thanksgiving week.

Probably a combination of both.


Published for Sunday - November 19, 2023

Hexbeam 2

Written Saturday - 11/18/23 12:55 PM

I just finished writing a piece that will have to wait to be published due to the nature of the content. Nothing serious - just getting a bit ahead of myself.

In the meantime, I just hit 8,000 contacts on HF digital FT8 and FT4 and using all bands including 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, and 80.

The activity on 2 was VHF as usual. The activity on 6 was very rare but nice to have 6 meters included on the hexbeam.

In fact, the antenna is not designed for 30, 40, and 80 but just happens to tune up very nicely on those bands. Each acts up a bit from time to time as can be expected due to the nature of trying to use an antenna for a band on which it is not designed.

In fact, I have no idea why it tunes up so well on those bands but I do get a perfect one to one SWR and the same can be said for the other bands for which the antenna is and is not designed.

Go figure.

The hexbeam is only about 25 to 30 feet off the ground. It would be nice to have it higher but that would require guy wires on the push-up pole and I just don't want to go there. Still, and for the lack of height, the antenna performs very well much to my surprise.

Best of all, and after so many decades in the hobby, it is wonderful to have a directional antenna and a nice rotor. I would have never imagined that happening, but my sweet wife has been beyond supportive for everything involved.

As I have said so many times before, I am indeed a very blessed man. Smiley


Published for Saturday - November 18, 2023

Israel Flag

Written Friday - 11/17/23 8:45 AM

It seems that anyone who comes out for Trump in a very public arena is quickly taken to the woodshed for punishment. That this goes on is totally beyond me.

The corruption presently in the political arena is also totally beyond me. I don't see how it can exist which is to say I don't see how the voters keep these people in office.

People like Victor Davis Hanson are speaking out in a way that makes sense to me, but their words seem to be falling on deaf ears. For example, how is it that folks are aligning themselves with Hamas and against Israel? And how is it that so many are taking this position? I really don't understand.

We should note that most of those who take this position (against Israel) seem to hide their faces in public. But not everyone is doing that. And how could anyone take a public stand and reveal their identity? For me, that simply defies understanding.

Ham Radio

Published for Friday - November 17, 2023

Oceania 2

Written Thursday - 11/16/23 7:00 AM

Well, I grabbed two more entities in Oceania and I only saw one of them. I don't even know when or where I earned the other one.

That means I have 12 entities to go in Oceania. I've earned 48 of 60 entities or 80% of what I need to earn the Oceania award.

The one of which I am aware was a late confirmed New Zealand on 12 meters that I worked back on November 8th. Hmmm, I guess it's not really that late LoL!

Having worked it just over a week ago makes the confirmation rather timely. It's not a new entity (I've worked New Zealand 12 times according to my log) but, this was on a new band for me (12 meters.)

Turns out I also worked New Zealand on 12 meters on November 28th. Apparently that is the one QRZ used to give me a point for New Zealand on 12 meters.

Earning the Oceania award is requiring patience at a new level. It has demanded very slow and steady progress.

One of My Favorites

Published for Thursday - November 16, 2023


Written Wednesday - 11/15/23 5:35 PM

My dear and sweet wife knows me so well. She put together some Cobb salads for us for supper tonight and boy were they good. That's one in the picture above.

Included were chunks of avacados, chicken bits, a hard boiled egg, onions, green and red bell pepper, garbanzo beans, and grated cheese, all on a bed of lettuce with a good sprinkling of a store-bought bottle of Olive Garden salad dressing.

All I can say is, Yum!

Wow, are they ever good!

Patty is an absolutely amazing chef and she has proven that once again with her incredible salad making skills. I'm confident it's the best Cobb salad that I've ever had, and I have had more than a few of them.


Published for Wednesday - November 15, 2023


Written Tuesday - 11/14/23 9:00 AM

Patty and I were talking this morning about how much we like the routine that we have each day. It seems we are all somewhat creatures of routine.

I enjoy the early morning workouts and runs and the ham radio while the bands are good. As mid-morning approaches and the bands go more local, I migrate to making the bed and grabbing 32 ounces of water to start my daily hydration.

Throughout the day I collect dishes in the dish washer, often with Patty's help, and run the wash late at night to be emptied the next morning. I like the deal of Patty cooking and me doing the cleaning. I'm grateful for the good food she prepares.

Somewhere along the way I get the bathroom chores done, finish the water, and get the bed looking good. From there I migrate toward Fox News and the Epoch Times.

After lunch, I usually publish whatever I've prepared for the next day on the blogsite and do a bit more ham radio if the bands look good.

Somewhere in all of that, I usually look at my phone to see what I have on the calendar and also take care of bills and the checking account. I also enjoy good movies that come with some of our subscriptions and do an evening water bottle to finish the hydration exercise.

There's plenty more depending upon which day it is and bed time follows somewhere in there and anywhere from early to late depending upon what I've got going on.

YouTube Movies

Published for Tuesday - November 14, 2023


Written Monday - 11/12/23 3:00 PM

Took some time last night to watch two very old movies that I found out on YouTube. What a great way to take a stroll down memory lane.

The movies were Conrack and To Sir, With Love. I haven't seen either in a very long time and thought I might have to purchase one or both. I had no idea that both would be free on YouTube when I went looking for them.

My better half is a big fan of Pat Conroy (the subject of Conrack) and has his cook books. His story, while a big sad, is an incredible one to say the least.

I also enjoyed To Sir, With Love. It's been a long while since I last saw it although it was more recent than the Pat Conroy story. Both are based on true stories and I'm so sorry that we lost Sidney Poitier about a year ago. He played the lead in To Sir, With Love among other classics.


Post #900

Published for Monday - November 13, 2023

900 Posts

Written Thursday - 11/07/23 11:20 AM

Well, this is post #900 on the blogsite. Worth a pause to reflect.

Internet Down

Published for Sunday - November 12, 2023

Internet Down

Written Saturday - 11/11/23 1:10 PM

Well, you never know how much you miss something until you don't have it. Such is the case with the internet.

I just called my provider and they do indeed have a rare outage. I say rare because the service has been the best I've ever had. No outages so far, until today.

Unfortunately, the service tech did describe today's problem as an outage and indicated that a telephone update was due less than 10 minutes ago but has not yet been provided.

I noted that I would gladly wait since no further updates are available. I wonder if a limb came down somewhere. We've got some wind and light rain so, it's quite possible, but who knows?

I know that in the past (with bad weather conditions) we've not experienced internet outages so no way I'm going to start complaining now. Hopefully we'll be back online very soon.

Just finished watching a movie on my iPad that was already downloaded before the internet went out. It's 3:45 PM on Saturday the 11th of November and the internet is back up and running again. Time to upload this post to the blog.

Eating and Diet

Published for Saturday - November 11, 2023

Bad Eating

Written Thursday - 11/09/23 8:00 AM

I've been pretty lazy when it comes to the volume of food I have been consuming. Unfortunately, that has shown up on the scales.

In fact, I'm less than a pound (8/10ths to be exact) from the top of my range. And that's not a good thing. Time to peel off some weight.

My sweet wife makes such good food and it's left up to me as to what I'm going to consume and how much of it. That's a good place to be because neither of us wants to comment on the other person's efforts.

I must say that has turned out to be a good thing. No one can make me feel worse about gaining a lot of weight. I can do that quite well and all by myself.

So, here goes the countdown. I've done it so many times before.

More on Police State

Published for Friday - November 10, 2023

Police State

Written Thursday - 11/08/23 10:00 AM

It seems that many associated with the movie Police State gathered poolside at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club to view and celebrate the film. Trump could not attend but provided strong verbal support for the project.

On hand, from Epoch TV, was Roman Balmakov performing interviews of many of those involved with the production as well as supporters.

I watched those interviews with great interest and thought they all did a great job. Unfortunately, and as some stated, the film will not garner wide support because the press (and even film critics) will avoid it altogether.

Still, when asked about whether we were in a police state or headed that way or not there yet, it seems everyone agreed that we're already in a Police State. There seemed to be no debate in that area. And I liked the great definitions of a Police State that were provided.

From what I have already seen, I too believe we are already well into a police state. I still can't get over the blatant corruption and power that seems to be present on the Democrat side of things.

I thought Dinesh D-Souza, his wife Debbie, and Bruce Schooley, the films team of producers and directors, did a great job with the production.

I also thought that Dinesh did a great job of stating what it takes to make a successful film these days. He noted much of what he was up against in trying to bring the film to market.

It seems the DVD is now out and I look forward to seeing the production.


Published for Thursday - November 09, 2023

Donald Trump

Written Wednesday - 11/08/23 9:25 AM

Well, right now anyway, it looks like Trump may not have to go to prison or jail. It seems folks are planning on him being our next president.

It seems he is having to spend a lot of his money on his legal battles, but it also seems that aside from that there won't be anything stopping him from being our next president.

I suppose that's an early prediction and a lot can happen between now and the election, but I hope the Biden haters are coming on board and will turn things around for us. I guess we'll see.

It seems to me, and to others in the conservative press, that Biden is in a real mess when it comes to his support for Israel and the Democratic party's support for Hamas and all that opposes Israel. That's not a good place for a guy who already has a lot of problems, not to mention the Democratic party.

My support is still aimed at Trump. He's a complex person with what appears to me to be some personal problems, but he's also a proven conservative in all that he did when he was president, and he accomplished a lot!

Catching Up

Published for Wednesday - November 08, 2023

Catching Up

Written Tuesday - 11/07/23 9:10 AM

Oh my! This is going to be a very long post. The two principal drivers will be the departure of Lilly and the hard fall that I took recently.

As I mentioned, I took a fall and went to my doctor's office in Gadsden to get checked out. They immediately forwarded me onto the Regional Medical Center emergency room in Anniston.

There I went through a very large battery of tests on all fronts but with no conclusive evidence of any problems. Meanwhile, Patty went back to the house to check on Lily and to eat and shower.

Upon her return, she told me she had some bad news. Well, I immediately went into catastrophize mode until she mentioned that Lily was gone.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I immediately felt like a bad parent who had left the cat out and now something got her. Yesterday's post paints the picture of all I went through.

As for the fall, I was basically told that I needed to be careful standing up (in other words make sure I'm stable even before I stand.) That made the most sense of all and I was even cleared to drive after a few days of recovery.

The wonk factor is still there and I will continue to pursue that via the ear and eye route with the doctor in Birmingham. I also need to pursue the hearing aid thing one way or the other. The hearing test painted a clear picture of problems in the higher frequency ranges. I'll stand-by for the tests for which I'm scheduled in December.

Back to the disappearance of Lily, I went out on the front porch, lower back porch, and upper back porch and called her name and made the clicking sound that I always make when trying to get her attention. It usually works and she usually comes running, but no success on these tries. She was gone.

I went by the back door and the lights were off on the back deck. I thought I saw her out in the darkness but the back porch was empty and calls produced no results.

I turned on the back porch lights thinking it might get her attention if she was out and around, but no success. So, I switched off the lights. Later I was walking by the back door and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I thought I saw her shadow.

Welcome Home Lily!

I opened the door just to humor myself and there she was, spry and fit as a fiddle and ready to be inside with her family. She immediately went for her food and water bowls and has stayed close since then. She didn't and hasn't even pitched her usual food fit. I think she was just happy to be with family.

On an unrelated but important note, I also missed a day of running due to the hospital overnight stay while they performed all of the tests. I did a treadmill run for one of my tests on the second day of testing and counted that toward my run that day even though it involved some different things such as elevated running. So, all in all, I missed one 3 miler.

I've already made adjustments for that so that I can complete my goal for the year and still reduce the high max heart rate (MHR) for each of my runs.

It's amazing how much better I feel about life when I am able to complete goals. My weight, weight training, and running are all such goal filled areas of life.

Oh, one other thing. At the ripe old age of 69 and with an ever-present wonk factor, a walking cane was recommended by the doctors.

As much as I now understand the age-related stigma associated with that idea, it still makes good sense for my stability. It's either that or risk injury from falling.

Maybe it's time for that. Maybe it's time for me to put aside the pride that brings about my hard-headed attitude. Maybe it's time to 'get used to different.'

Goodbye Lily cryemoji

Published for Tuesday - November 07, 2023

Lily 2

Written Monday - 11/06/23 6:20 PM

This post is going to break my heart. Lily (pictured above) was Patty's and my cat and she captured a lot of our love, despite her highly aloof posture.

We went for a doctor's visit last Sunday because of a fall that I took when speaking to Patty in our living area. Patty asked how tall the ceiling was and I responded that it was probably 8 feet.

At that point I got up and pointed toward the ceiling with my right hand and promptly announced that it might be 10 feet. That's the last thing I remember. Immediately after, I passed out with no warning.

Depending upon who you ask, I experienced a black-out, as opposed to fainting. Apparently, with fainting you get a warning and can take quick and decisive action to avoid getting hurt by the upcoming fall. I was not so fortunate.

For me, there was no warning. I blacked out with my hand up in the air and fell over backward like a dead tree. I landed on my back and my wife, who witnessed the entire event, offers that after my back struck the floor, so did the back of my head.

I remember seeing her leaving over me and calling out my name. It seemed quite loud and I wondered why she was yelling at me. Turns out she was scared! As far as she was concerned it could have been a seizure, a stroke, or even a heart attack.

Well, back to Lily's story we wound up staying that day and night at the hospital and Lily was out all night. Neither of us could remember if we had left her inside. Apparently, we hadn't, and now she was gone.

It will take a while to get over this. I feel like a bad parent who didn't take care of a young child. If she was indeed outside, I worried about her food situation. I worried about the packs of wild animals that make their way through our yards up this way, and now I worry about how Lily might have died.

I hope she didn't die. I hope she comes running home at next light and throws a big (and well deserved by me anyway) hissy fit for her food situation, or should I say for her lack of food while we were gone.

R.I.P. Lily, you will be greatly missed!

Warming Weather

Published for Sunday - November 05, 2023

Warmer Weather

Written Saturday - 11/04/23 7:15 AM

Well, we've gone through our freezing spell and are headed to warmer weather. It didn't take me long to get all I wanted of the cold stuff.

It's odd but the online forecast called for much colder temperatures than we experienced out where we live. I'm not sure we got below 32°F out this way but online was calling for something closer to the mid 20's.

That Patty's stuff survived in her garden and the big raised beds on the back deck is a good indicator of the difference between what we saw online and what we experienced out our way. We just didn't experience anything as cold as was forecast for our area.

Oh, and no complaints here. Perhaps we will be able to enjoy a season without any heat or AC and see the power bill drop just a bit. That is always welcome and enjoying an open door and a few open windows is always an added bonus.

The Dying Citizen

Published for Saturday - November 04, 2023

Dying Citizen

Written Wednesday - 11/01/23 9:10 AM

I earned another credit and with it purchased another lengthy Victor Davis Hanson book. This time I purchased The Dying Citizen.

I've become a big fan of Victor Davis Hanson, as well as his books and his constant guest appearances on Podcasts.

I really like his stance on citizenship and thought the book would be a good read. I've already gone through the introduction and like the picture it painted for the rest of the book.

The book's subheading reads:

How progressive elites, tribalism, and globalization are destroying the idea of America.

I've decided to take things a bit differently in reading (listening) to this book. I've divided the total number of book reading minutes by the number of days until the next credit, yielding the necessary investment of time per day in order to finish this book by the 24th of the month, when another credit is awarded.

I think that pacing myself will allow for a better and more comprehensive read instead of the hours per day that I have been doing followed by days of waiting for the next credit to appear in my account.

Yesterday's Doctor's Appointment

Published for Friday - November 03, 2023

Doctor's Appointment

Written Tuesday - 10/31/23 1:15 PM

Well, as I start to compose this post, I don't yet have anything to report on the topic du jour. That's because, once again, I'm way ahead on posting.

But I'm hopeful that my doctor will be able to set me on a path to a full healing of my wonkiness (balance problems!) As my dear wife has noted, I'm pretty good at getting around and no one would probably see/know the difference.

Still, other than my morning run and workout, I tend to be relatively inactive and let my wonkiness dictate my activity level. I get up and around and can get things done when needed, but the option to fall down into a chair and sit a while is always looming.

I'm not too comfortable with the ear work I had done down in the Spanish Fort and Mobile areas so I'm going that route again. This time with a better doctor in a better area (Birmingham, AL.)

If he finds nothing, then I'll ask for a reference to a neurologist also over in the Birmingham area and go that route again. My neurologist over in the Anniston area said the same thing as my neurologist in the Spanish Fort area.

They just don't see any cause for the struggles I've been facing that might be generated by a neurological issue. In fact, and despite my father's battle, my neurologist in Spanish Fort said he didn't see enough to offer a Parkinson's diagnosis, and that diagnosis was completely ruled out by the neurologist in Anniston.

I've had my eyes checked by a doctor and despite the cataract surgery I had on my left eye and that I apparently still need on my right eye, there is no problem to be diagnosed related to my balance. The same is true for my heart. I have had it checked and wore a monitor, but to no avail for anything showing up worthy of any concern.

So, if I have to live with this, I'm fully prepared to do just that. On the other hand, it would be a real blessing if I didn't have to endure this ever-present challenge. To assist my memory, I've composed on my phone a list of my current symptoms to take over to my new doctor.

I used to feel pretty persuaded that the balance issue was related to a neurological issue. Now, with everything that's been tested, I tend to lean toward an inner ear issue and look forward to further research in that direction.

We'll see...

Ham Radio

Published for Thursday - November 02, 2023


Written Sunday - 10/29/23 1:30 PM

As I write, my power supply still has several days before its scheduled arrival. As I publish, it's back, working, and has been in use for a while.

As to the 'working' and 'in use' parts, I'm speaking from a level of faith. I don't have a power supply yet in hand here as I'm writing on Sunday October 29th, but I'm counting on it working and my putting it to good use.

I guess I'll have to rewrite this post if it is not working. But I'll set the catastrophizing aside and think and believe in a more positive light.

I'm also waiting on doing the new monthly updates. Too much change too quickly can be hard to manage. Perhaps I need to stop writing posts so far ahead.

But, it works out well for today since I have a doctor's appointment at 1:00 PM in Birmingham on this post's publication date.

Addendum: Written Wednesday - 11/1/23 11:20 AM

Well, the power supply arrived and was clearly not tested as I feared. The unit did not work and I will have to buy another one since I have no interest in any further dealings with Astron Corp. Fortunately, I can buy one from HRO and get it in one day (tomorrow.)

Addendum: Written Thursday - 11/2/23 05:00 PM

HRO power supply came in, is hooked up, and all is good now!

New Month Website Update: It's That Time

Published for Wednesday - November 01, 2023


Written Saturday - 10/28/23 8:15 AM

It's month end and time to do the monthly updates here on the blogsite. As mentioned before, it's time to update the archives, the menu, and the files.

As I type it's only October 28th so I'll probably let things wait until we get a bit closer to the actual end of the month.

As you probably noticed, I have also added a Day-of-Week label for both the composition and publication dates and I still tend to publish on the afternoon or evening before the publication date.


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