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  • Porpoise Watching

    April 16, 2018

    Upon our first visit here to consider the purchase of this home that we now own, the sellers mentioned the visits from porpoises that occur on a fairly routine basis. In fact, one or two came by while we were there visiting.

    However, I was not prepared for the spectacles we would later witness as homeowners in this area with the porpoise visits coming right up to the shallows below our deck. In fact, I had no idea that the porpoises had learned a technique that we would witness on a regular basis whereby they would swim a circle around the school of mullet, slap their tale on the water to cause pandemonium among the school, and then grab one of the dazed and confused mullet.

    Even better was the opportunity I received to capture the entire event on video and in an up close and personal setting right off of our back deck. Apologies for the noise in the background.

    Weather on the Coast

    Water Spout

    April 15, 2018

    One of the things I really enjoy about living on the coast is the opportunity it presents to see interesting weather related events. The picture above is of a water spout that Patty and I watched off of the back deck last year, not long after we moved here. We watched the water spout travel west to east as it moved on away from us and toward the St. Marks Lighthouse, also visible from our back deck. The spout lasted quite a long time and disappeared from view before it showed any evidence of falling apart. Weather 1

    This morning, we had another weather event. This one came in the form of a line of strong storms with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts reaching 72 mph. Despite having lived here almost a year, and going through several such events, residing in a home that is up on stilts (not to mention facing the gulf with nothing to block the strong winds coming up from the south) offers a back and forth sway of the house that I am only now getting used to. It's particularly noticeable when I'm laying in the bed or sitting here at the computer - basically any situation where I'm sitting still. I'm told that houses up on stilts are built to sway. With what I've experienced, I sure hope so! Smiley

    I'm thinking about obtaining a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and connecting it to the online Weather Underground Network. Being a data kind of guy (as I mentioned in my previous post) makes a PWS a perfect fit for this all things geek kind of guy. Smiley

    Until then, I'm enjoying the benefit of several PWS's that are online and located a stone's throw to our west over on Shell Point. They provide much more accurate information, in terms of what we are experiencing out here on the coast, than the reports for the city of Crawfordville. In fact, the differences in wind and temperature conditions can often be quite extreme between the two.

    Running Just Got More Interesting

    Vivoactive 3

    April 15, 2018

    If you asked this guy what he's passionate about in life, high on the list would be running! A week or two before Christmas last year, my sweet wife treated me to the latest and greatest in the Garmin family of runner's watches - the Vivoactive 3. Quite honestly, I've struggled over the last few years to decide if the investment was going to be worth it. However, now that I've been using it for almost four months, I can truly say that I had no idea what I was missing!

    I could not believe just how much data it was able to capture and I was definitely not prepared for the amount of information it was able to derive from that data. Neither was I prepared for the amount of realtime information the watch was able to provide during my runs and the number of options I had for configuring just what I wanted to see during those runs.

    If all of that wasn't enough to persuade me, the sync with my phone app took Running Analytics to the next level. It enabled me to review my pace and heart rate (among other things) in graphical format over the entire period of the run. Was I keeping a steady pace and how did my heart rate compare early on to the end of my run?

    I found the GPS to be quite accurate and it opened up a new opportunity that I had always desired, but never expected. Sure, it could plot the course I had run, including mile markers, but I was now equipped to take any turn on my course that I wanted to take and still get a clear read, at the end of the run, on the distance I had traveled and both the pace for each mile and the overall pace.

    An unexpected treat was the ability to track my sleep patterns, including heart rate, and do things like keep count of my steps during the day and track my estimated calories burned at any point during the day.

    Best of all, running has become more fun for this numbers guy! I like seeing the data in realtime on my runs and especially having the capability to pass the turn off to my house, do a bit of quick math in my head, add an extra leg to the end of the run, and finish that last mile right at my doorstep.

    Now that is cool! Cool!

    Best Kept Secrets

    Hot Mess Dip

    April 14, 2018

    Just south of us is the small town of Panacea, Florida. I have great memories of Panacea from my older teenage years (early 70's) as I traveled with my dad while he worked that area. I still vividly remember eating at Angelo's and Sons (maybe it was just Angelo's back then?) and fishing under the bridge right there next to the restaurant.

    The events that lead to one of my best (and favorite) fish stories occurred late one night right under that bridge! I hooked a very large ray on a very old deep sea reel and the reel broke while trying to pull him in. Dad grabbed an empty beer can off of the ground (beer cans were more sturdy back then!) and began winding line around it.

    We would both drag the can up the hill to tug on the ray and then run back down the hill winding as fast as we could. It's too bad we didn't have cell phones and video back then. You probably had to be there to appreciate just how hilarious the entire event was! Smiley

    Anyway, we moved Patty's mom down to Panacea recently to get her closer to us as she's approaching her 90's. We turned her on to Posey's Steam Room Restaurant and now she grabs lunch there a couple of times a week. I can't believe that we introduced her to the restaurant and now she goes and eats there without us. What's up with that?! Wink!

    Still, in keeping with the title of this post, one of the best kept secrets down that way is the Hot Mess Dip made by Mineral Springs by the Bay, Seafood Market. They have a lot of other great offerings, including the bacon wrapped crab and shrimp, but that dip keeps me coming back for more!

    Interesting Visitors

    Deck bird

    April 13, 2018

    One of the things Patty and I enjoy most about the forgotten coast is the incredible variety of wildlife that tend to reside in this area. Whether it's a new visitor on the back deck, or a school of porpoises feeding down below and on the ever present and plentiful mullet that school close by, there is always something to be enjoyed.

    On a recent visit from our son, we had the rare treat of seeing a tagged manatee (aka sea cow) swim by off the back deck. They seem much more common up around Wakulla springs during the colder time of the year, but it was a real treat to see this one swim by.

    Hello and Welcome!


    April 12, 2018

    Hello and welcome to my new website! Patty and I are so grateful to be enjoying life down here on The Forgotten Coast as they call it. We moved here almost a year ago and we're located on Live Oak Island, which is situated on the gulf due south of Tallahassee, Florida in Wakulla county and on the bottom edge of the city of Crawfordville.

    Having lived in small towns growing up, this is like coming home for us. We've got pretty much everything we need here in terms of infrastructure and anything that's not available locally is only a short distance away up in Tallahassee. It's a short 18 mile drive from downtown Crawfordville to downtown Tallahassee.

    As I mentioned in my about page, this website is as much a technical project for me as it is an opportunity to write about things that interest me and collect and share photos of life down here on the coast. Either way, I hope you enjoy your visit!

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