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FEBRUARY 02, 2023


02/01/23 08:15 AM

A variety of things going on today.

I know Patty can't wait for good weather to finally arrive so that she can get serious about her garden. Until then, she's been finding good deals at Lowes and Walmart for plants and buying seeds and storing and starting them all in our garage where it's not quite as cold.

Speaking of cold weather, our outdoor thermometer registered 40°F to start the morning. Online has us at 41°F but we've still got lows coming in the 30's and one in the 20's this coming Friday night.

Looks like we've got some more waiting to do in order to get to that warmer weather. Having lived here far less than a year, we're still observing and learning when the seasons come and go. We're watching for the first signs of spring and haven't seen anything quite this early in the new year.

Highs are in the 40's, 50's, and 60's but those lows and the mixed in rain are not showing any signs of letting up. I guess we're into a hurry up and wait game when it comes to that spring season.

I was down a pound today which puts me 6/10ths below my range. It's a good place to be and keeps me in the weight maintenance mode instead of the weight loss mode. I can live with that!

Still haven't heard from Icom Repair about my radio. Hoping to hear something today. I did a bit of rearranging yesterday in preparation for receiving a repaired radio. I still need to figure out my antenna situation but can't do much until the buyer comes by and takes down the current antenna. That will free up the mast and rotor if I decide to place them over by the back stairs where I can more readily make any necessary changes and/or repairs.

Last night, I watched one of the movies I purchased recently during Patty's birthday shopping spree. However, I'm really enjoying my subscription to Frontline on YouTube and have been watching a lot of the episodes. Patty and I talked about paying for YouTube premium to get rid of the ads but the price just doesn't work for us so no plans to take that idea any further anytime soon.

One other interesting factoid. With the purchase of this home, we received a storm shelter downstairs. It seems the recent tornados have made these shelters a necessity in the minds of the builders and the buyers. We also use ours as a part-time gym and Patty plans to apply some paint to the bare concrete walls. That should provide a nice change to the room.


02/01/23 11:55 AM

Just finished my Wednesday workout and run. That tricep workout is a tough one! However the run was great as usual. I'm enjoying my Peter Cetera run list. Some days I don't use it when I'm feeling strong. On those days when I am not feeling so strong and need some distaction, I bring in Mr. Cetera.

I need to order a charging cord for my iPod so I don't have to use my phone and endure the ads that YouTube likes to display. Perhaps I can pick one up next time we're at Walmart.


FEBRUARY 01, 2023


01/31/23 01:45 PM

Well, the big deal for today (January 31st) is putting together the new changes for the website. That's what I'm working on.

We also had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Patty's birthday. She even enjoyed some of her left-over food for lunch today. Seeing her eat anything that's left over is unusual. It's usually me attacking the leftovers.

I'm real pleased with my weight management and this morning checked in at only four tenths of a pound above the bottom of my 5 pound range. I'm quite good with that and hope to keep things down for a while.

Staying away from snacking and sweets always makes the difference. Also, and when I must snack, snacking on things like radishes instead of pecan pie makes a huge difference LOL!

Who knew that getting older meant I would have to change some life-long habits (like snacking often and on anything I feel like eating.) Believe me when I say those changes to old habits don't come easy!

I'm down about 30 pounds from my all time high and want to keep it there. I can't believe I ran all of those distance races carrying about 20 extra pounds. When I think about a 20 pound dumbell and how much weight that is, I'm amazed! I wonder how much better my times would have been running at my present weight instead of carrying those additional 20 or 25 pounds.


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