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Born to Win

Published for Saturday - March 02, 2024

Born to Win

Written Friday - 03/01/24 7:05 AM

Born to Win was one of those incredible stories that I really wanted to share with Patty. And so I did last night.

Oddly enough I quit watching it the first time I saw it. In fact, I told Patty about that and that it's a slow starter. She seemed a bit surprised at my comment. Since we were already in it, perhaps she didn't see things that way.

Still, it was a touching story and based on a true story. I love those stories that take you down a deep spiritual road and this one did.

The movie is from the same folks that produced Faith Like Potatoes. I may have to go back and give that film a bit more of a fair shot too. I'm not sure that I did.


Published for Friday - March 01, 2024


Written Wednesday - 02/28/24 7:05 AM

Well, I was at the Walmart in Atalla this past Monday doing our regularly scheduled grocery pickup. All was very normal leaving the house and getting to the store.

Even the grocery pickup was normal and I wrote good reviews for Lavonne and Tommy - my grocery loaders. But that's where normalcy ended.

Trying to crank the car to head home produced very odd results. The car dash panel started doing very funny things. A bit of thinking led me to believe I had a dead battery.

I tried to open the hood but the latch would not let me do anything that opened the hood. I must have tried to open the hood several times and each time got back in the car to try and crank the car. Each time with the same result. In fact, it became very clear to me that I did indeed have a dead battery and I finally got the hood opened.

Fortunately, the Lord grabbed my attention which doesn't happen that often. I lifted up the situation to him since I was really stuck and had no idea what to do.

Within seconds after I gave the situation to the Lord, Lavonne walked out without any groceries as if he was going home for the day or at least headed to his car. I explained my situation to him and he asked me to wait while he went over to the auto shop. Again, he asked me to wait and said he would be right back.

True to his word, he returned shortly and had a rather large device in his hands. He was able to use it to jump my car off and to measurer my battery strength. He confirmed the very dead battery after cranking the car. While he was gone I called Patty to let her know the situation.

I mentioned to him that I needed to go ahead while I was there and buy a new battery for the car and to have it installed. He told me where the auto shop was and walked over there to meet me. He explained my situation to the guys in the shop and then told me that I would not be charged for the installation. I explained that I would like to pay for it but he wouldn't let me.

Two guys, I don't remember their names, did a great and timely job and I was on my way home. I called Patty at the house to update her again and was home not long after.


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