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Welcome to the website! In order to mix my interest in writing about a number of different topics with the typical reader's interest in reading about a particular topic; I've designed my blogging activities around the Categories in the menu to the left.

If you locate a particular topic of interest, I hope you enjoy what you read there and will come back from time to time for any updates you might find.

If you're a picture person, I hope you will check out the listings under my Pictures menu. In particular, I think you'll enjoy the commentary with the kayak trip and there's a rich history in pictures with our filmmaking.

I've also included links to other sites that are of interest to some of us who live here on the Forgotten Coast.

I enjoy website design and development as much or more than I enjoy writing the blog entries. I've written the code from scratch for this website using only Notepad as my development tool and with the Twitter feed being the only code that's not original to the site.

If you enjoy that kind of Geeky stuff, be sure to check out the Website category link to the left. Between chasing malware injections, developing new features, and website redesigns, the entire ride continues to be quite an adventure!

Thanks for droping by. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Copyright © 2020 Hutch DeLoach

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