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Ham Radio Day

NOVEMBER 19, 2022

Ham Radio Day

11/18/22 07:45 AM

Today is the big day. World Ham Radio Day is actually April 18th, but for me it's today!

Today is the day we raise the antenna mast and rotor and mount a hexbeam on it. The 75' coax is going to be a close fit and may require that I change the shack up a bit to add an extra few feet to the feed. We'll see on that one.

There's a lot of other things that have to go well today to make it all work. The key piece will be getting the assembled antenna up on the roof. The other key piece will be avoiding one tree limb.

At some point I will probably have to have it cut down but that would require a tree climber and none were available to suit my timeline. I think we're okay on that one. If not, I'll delay the ultimate mounting of the antenna until I can get that limb cut down and will get everything else done in the meantime.

So, here goes...


Antenna and Me


11/18/22 04:55 PM

I confess, it has been a stressful season in prepping for this antenna project. Lately, I've felt uncomfortable about my ability to get things done and particularly to get them done well. I'm not sure where that came from, but I need to send it back and be done with it.

I prayed last night and again this morning about the project. In my prayers I gave the project to God and I did it over and over again. At lunch I asked my prayer warrior wife to pray for the project. She confirmed what I already knew, that she had been praying for a successful result, and then went ahead and prayed with me about the project. It was so good to hear her kind and wise words.

All I can say is that the project went perfectly. I could not have asked for a better result. Everything went according to plan and Justin (the help that I hired) was amazing. I could not have even dreamed of doing all that he did and he deserves much credit for the success of the project.

I got my workout and run in today but everything else centered on doing the ham radio thing with the new antenna. Wow! What a great experience. And what a blessing to have such a supportive wife. I am so blessed and so grateful!

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