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NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Hexbeam 2?

11/15/22 03:25 PM

Well, it's official. The assortment of hexbeam related items, including the hexbeam, are all here. And, I met with my help on a rainy morning today to discuss the installation process.

Based on his schedule, we're going to try and get the thing completely installed this coming Friday. I'm doing all of the lead-up work, including assembly. And with the good results I've had so far I'm thinking this should be doable. It's going to be cold but I can live with that.

I've got a lot of the work done and still a bit more to do before Friday gets here. It's going pretty smoothly and I'm holding my breath for a continuation in that direction.

I actually have more time to assemble the antenna than I planned for and am pleasantly surprised at how many of the other things are done. The biggest challenge remaining will be to get the antenna up on the roof and installed on the rotor. Brackets are all installed so once the antenna is set down on the rotor, it will simply be a matter of tightening things down.

With the mounting bracket (the one that holds the antenna on the rotor) bolted to the antenna and ready to receive the rotor, there shouldn't be any bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers that are dropped as I initially feared. Everything is already positioned and, as I mentioned, it's just a matter of putting the two pieces together and locking things down.

I purchased good rolls of coax and rotor cable and have already attached the rotor cable to the rotor. I temporarily attached the other end to the rotor controller and enjoyed a successful test. Next steps will be to run the coax and the rotor cable from the office, through the wall, and out to the antenna location. I'll also connect the rotor cable back to the rotor controller on my desk.

We'll wrap things up by applying a balun to the coax, connecting the coax to the antenna, and sealing everything up with silicone (waterproof) self-fusing tape.

Can't wait to try it all out!

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