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NOVEMBER 14, 2022


11/13/22 10:10 AM

As I write it's Sunday but this will publish on Monday and may seem a bit mistimed. That's okay, though. It still applies to the life I'm living no matter when it's written or published.

I don't attend church. Admittedly that's a struggle for me. But so is attending something that seems so disingenuous to the things I read about the church in the New Testament.

I can really relate to the story of Lot and his wife and daughters in the book of Genesis. However, I don't want to use that and similar stories to justify my actions. I will have to face God one day and give an account for my actions. And, that is always my litmus test for those actions.

Can I do XYZ and still face God about it? If I can and believe it's good, I do it. If I can't, I don't. That's where I'm at with Church.

We have gone to so many churches over so many years and I really relate to the old saying that it's the people that make churches so messy. And, that makes it so easy to see why the institutional church has evolved to the place that it has evolved in today's environment. It's trying to work around all of the problems which people often unwittingly bring to it.

But, in working around those problems I fear it has become what it was never intended to be. And I fear that's why people like me are leaving it in droves. However, we're not leaving God. It's the litmus test thing I was talking about earlier.

Yesterday (Saturday) I received a copy of a church's Sunday program/bulletin. On the back page, it listed all of the prayer needs. I was astounded and burdened by the number of people with serious ailments and immediately started lifting them up to the Lord in my heart.

For a moment I wanted to visit that church just for that particular need, but a moment later I realized the struggle it would create plugging in and then unplugging from activities with so much unproductive busywork.

My struggle with church is not something I'm proud of, nor do I take comfort in it, nor am I excited about standing before God with it somewhere down the road. But, here I stand; (and I believe) I can do no other.

God help me.

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