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Website Visits

MAY 24, 2022

Website Visits

05/23/22 07:25 AM

I've mentioned the log I built for my website. If I haven't mentioned it, I also constructed a PHP viewer that will display my log of visitors to the website.

Over time, I've expanded the functionality of my log and the logging program. I already had been logging the city and country from which the visit took place, in addition to the more technical things like the IP address.

I wound up deleting the old log a good while back and built a new one around ten days ago. I've gone back and added a field to each row of data that states the visitor's organization. For example, Amazon or Google.

Like before, most of the visits come from web crawlers that exist to build indexes for the website pages that they crawl. These indexes provide for faster access to those pages when a person goes searching for something on the web.

If a visit is made by a crawler, the logging PHP program now adds the name of the organization that owns the crawler. If a visit is made by an individual, the PHP program adds the name of the company used by the individual to access the web. For example, GoDaddy or Verizon.

Over ten days I've had 363 entries provided in my log. I've also manually added the organization name and IP address from those log entries to my logging program. So, as the log obtains more entries the logging program becomes smarter and is able to provide those organization names for future log entries. It accomplishes this feat by using the IP address as the unique key for each entry.

It's pretty cool to see the PHP log program gain artificial intelligence and to see the website log automatically capture those organization names based on the unique IP address from a previous visit!

Foot Notes

05/23/22 12:37 PM

Flash! Had to do rescue #3 today. The first two were baby rabbits but it turns out that this rescue was for a very young gray squirrel that was able to stay rested and alive by finding a place to hold on at the opening of the automatic skimmer. Fortunately for him the skimmer wasn't running because the water flow would have probably pulled him in without providing much opportunity for survival.

On an unrelated note, it seems like the weather forecast will often call for several days of rain with each day being forecast to provide a full day of rain to our area. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that rarely if ever happens.

That's been the forecast lately but the rain seems to come and go during those days with a much smaller overall level of rain-fall then was called for in the forecast. I'll be expecting multiple inches in the rain gauge only to find somewhere between half an inch to an inch on many of those days. Today may be shaping up to be one of those days where multiple inches really do arrive.

On a different note, I got a run in and a lot of weeding before the rain arrived. Hopefully the rain will hang around for the rest of the day. We sure could use the water on the grass. And, I've got to do something about those darn weeds!

Oh, and by the way! I saw something on the weather map yesterday that resembled a late-stage (disorganized?) hurricane. It just missed us to our east (over near Pensacola) and turns out (according the what my wife saw on the local weather reports) to have been a late-developing system that formed just off the coast before making landfall. Interesting!

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