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Lily the Cat

MAY 20, 2022

Lily the Cat 2

05/19/22 08:33 AM

The picture says it all. I've got great company while I'm typing this post. Lily likes to nap with me after what I'm sure is a night spent prowling around the house while we sleep.

Lily also likes to trill as they call it. She trills a lot. According to what I read on the internet, it's generally thought to be a female cat thing and a positive thing when they do it. However, I think Lily also trills when she is surprised. If she's asleep and I wake her by petting her, she usually trills.

She's definitely turned this guy into a cat person by her kindness and sensitivity to what we're doing. The only downside I can see is that she likes to do her rooster immitation around 6:00 AM plus or minus. I guess she's up and must think it's time for us go get up too. Fortunately, a little food in the cat bowl will silence our crowing rooster (for a little while anyway!)

Lots going on these days. Yesterday I made my way to a dermatologist appointment thinking I was going to have to have a biopsy. In fact, I called to make the appointment since I had a red spot that just wasn't going away. After I made the appointment, I had another spot show up that was one of those kind they can usually freeze off. In fact, both turned out to be freeze situations so no biopsy!

Was good to get a run in early this morning while there was still a bit of shade and a gentle breeze to go with it. Had a nice pace too and can't wait to get my measuring wheel in to confirm the actual distances. I've got all of my turn-around spots in the road mentally pictured so I should be able to be pretty consistent in choosing my route and the exact turn-around spots each day.

I've also done much better with my weight training and my eating. I'm sticking to that French diet that Patty told me about. It basically boils down to reducing my food intake when I get near the top of my desired weight range, and enjoying what I want when I'm well below that top. I was one pound from the top of the range this morning, so time to get back to reducing again!

Yesterday was a weight training day but I just didn't have it in me. First time that has happened since I started the weights, but today's a down day so I'll just move yesterday's skipped workout up to today and all should be good.

Last but not least is the pool. I'm in uncharted territory with all that I'm learning there, but it's all good. Still want to find out about changing the sand in the filter. Guess I'll look into that today.

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