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Running Pace

MAY 18, 2022

Fast versus Slow

05/17/22 10:22 AM

Despite not having an exact location defined for mile one and mile two of my runs, I decided to scout out the difference in times for a hard-pushed run and an easy-going run. I ran the former yesterday and ran the latter today.

On the pace scale pictured above, my slower run probably moved around somewhere between 2 and 6 and the faster run probably did the same somewhere between 7 and 9.

Believe it or not the easy-going run was more difficult, only because I am used to pushing myself on a run and I had to focus on laying back with my pace. I took downhill sections a bit faster but did not allow my pace to get up to a point where I had to breath hard. I basically just kept my downhill momentum in check and let it take me just so fast.

I've pushed harder on mile two in the past, but yesterday was the first time I've truly pushed harder on mile one and mile two. I'm also having to make minor adjustments to allow for traffic and parked vehicles. These do make a real difference when it comes to comparing runs, even if by only seconds. It all adds up, as they say.

Results were interesting and as follows:

Fast Day: Mile one - 8:50; Mile two - 8:00; AHR - 111; MHR - 154

Slow Day: Mile one - 9:52; Mile two - 9:22; AHR - 110; MHR - 125

It's interesting to observe the similarities in Average Heart Rate (AHR) versus the striking difference in Max Heart Rate (MHR). Not sure what to make of that unless the Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch was not performing well.

Of greatest interest to me was the difference in mile two between the two days versus the difference in mile one. It really demonstrates on faster days how much I take advantage of the downhill sections on mile two.

Foot Notes

05/17/22 11:40 AM

Just reminding myself that I still need to do something to verify the distances for mile one and mile two. Can't find a measuring wheel at any rental store and even if I did, I could probably buy one for about the same amount as a rental.

05/17/22 12:06 PM

Found a measuring wheel for $20.99 on Ebay and for a penny less ($20.98) on Amazon. Ordered it from Amazon and it is due in between the 20th and the 24th.

Looking forward to timing my runs against a verifiable distance!

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