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JANUARY 11, 2021

Flu Season

Sometimes it seems things that should be obvious are not actually that obvious, at least not to me anyway. I'm not really sure what brought the question to mind, but I wondered if all of the preventative measures people are taking for Covid-19 are minimizing the effects on what would otherwise be a typical flu season.

I shouldn't have been surprised at the answer, but I was. I suppose I was actually more surprised that the question hadn't occurred to me any sooner. But, according to the typical tracking that takes place during a flu season, we're way down according to the data that has been collected to-date.

According to the CDC, Influenza activity is currently low in the United States and globally. The CDC also indicates that the percentage of U.S. respiratory specimens submitted for influenza testing that tested positive decreased from >20% to 2.3% and has remained at historically low interseasonal levels (0.2% versus 1–2%). Data from Southern Hemisphere countries also indicate little influenza activity.

There's much more information available on this CDC webpage.

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