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NOVEMBER 22, 2020

White Pelicans

Every year, usually sometime in October, we experience and enjoy the return of the white pelicans to Florida. Whether flying overhead, floating in a bayou, or nestled together and floating just offshore in the gulf, they are always a site to see.

The local social media outlets come to life with pictures and chatter about their arrival and it always seems to be a big deal. I've even been stopped, while out on a run, by an excited neighbor wanting to point out their presence overhead.

From what I read about them, the first frost and the freezing lakes up north and into Canada send them out on a non-stop journey down here to Florida. They'll stay until March or April and then make their return trip back up north.

While the white pelicans migrate each year, the brown pelicans are known to stay in Florida year-round. From what I've read about each, the other big difference is their hunting rituals. While the brown pelicans drop out of the air and dive for their food, the white pelicans work together to push the fish toward shore where they can finally snatch them up in the shallows.

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