March 30, 2020



Is Donald Trump a Christian? That question mattered to me when he was one of many vying to represent the Republican party. But, when the field narrowed down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, anything having to do with faith-based politics sort of flew out of the window for me.

A few Christians I know refused to vote as a result of that narrowed field. I respect their right to hold that position, but I don't respect that decision. As Christians, we may not be of the world, but we are most certainly still in it! And so I cast what I considered a highly defensive vote against Hillary Clinton. And you know what? That's really saying something when considering everything that came out about Donald Trump during his campaign.

I think we would all agree that we are a divided nation. But, how would you define the nature of that divide? Is it fiscal? Is it spiritual? Or, is it something else?

From my perspective, I firmly believe it is cultural. It takes on the appearance of being a political or spiritual divide, but I still believe it to be more cultural than anything else. Let me share an example:

A couple of years ago I watched a news story about a Muslim family from another country who had moved into a neighborhood here in America. The Muslim father in this family played a loud recording out of the window each morning as one of the five calls to daily prayer. A neighbor confronted the Muslim father and a journalist caught the incident on camera. And, what was the Muslim father's response to being confronted? Welcome to the new America! I've seen the flipside to that story when we as Christians gather for a neighborhood Bible study and cause parking problems, driving problems, property access problems, and even noise problems.

Is this issue really a spiritual one or is it more about the disruptions to our normal routines and perhaps a battle favoring the culture in which we find ourselves most comfortable?

December 31, 2019



There's an incredible political divide in our nation and I certainly do not expect this humble post to do anything to change that. Still, the wonderful thing about the freedoms we possess in these United States of America, and in particular our freedom of speech, is that each of us has an opportunity to share our thoughts in the marketplace of ideas via any channel that is available to us - and there are many for anyone willing to do a bit of research to discover and utilize them.

Like many others, I initially had no idea whether Donald Trump would serve us well in the role of president. To be quite honest (and transparent) my vote for Trump (early on anyway) was a vote against the opposition more than anything else. In fact, he accomplished everything that I had initially hoped for by the end of election night, and I suspect that provides quite a commentary regarding my thoughts toward (read: fear of) Hillary Clinton.

Since that time, and like so many others who voted for Trump, I've only been more pleased and grown to be an even stronger supporter. The list of his accomplishments is long and compelling. No need for me to try and list them when that job has already been masterfully accomplished here by Paul Bedard and the good folks at the

The thing I like most about Trump, besides all that he has accomplished, is his strong commitment to put the task or goal first and the politicians second, instead of the other way around as has been the case in our government for far too long. His fearless approach has offended many, but accomplished much!

While his personal life may not stand to scrutiny, a fact of which I feel he is well aware, his public positions convey a message I believe I can get behind. And, unlike recent presidents, I sense Trump has no private agenda. He's used Social Media, and Twitter in particular, to end-around a liberal and hostile media and speak to the American People.

I would also offer that the political opposition, in the light of all that Trump has accomplished, has done their best to toss out one straw man after another in the hopes of spinning a terribly misguided narrative and owning the discussion. To them I say, Good Luck with all of that!

December 27, 2019



One of the international situations that has really caught my attention is Brexit. From my perspective, it's classic politics and quite interesting as a result!

By a slim margin of 51.9% the people of Great Britain voted in June of 2016 to remove their homeland from the European Union (EU). As a result, parliament is struggling to either (1) exit immediately and reap the consequences of no defined departure deal with the EU or (2) delay leaving the EU and generate a deal to exit in a fashion that would "supposedly" provide a more orderly departure.

That's an incredibly simplified version of the real picture, but the play and the players keep changing at the speed of light. I've been following a well documented list of issues and a timeline of the action here at the Wikipedia website.

More to come by the January 31, 2020 deadline agreed upon by Boris Johnson for the UK to ratify the withdrawal agreement.

December 22, 2019



I'm convinced that, here in America, what many believe to be a spiritual or political battle is in reality a battle to own the culture. Most of what I see dividing our country seems far more associated with the conflict between mutually exclusive cultural attributes than any battle to dominate at a philosophical level.

More later...

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