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  • Porpoise Watching

    April 16, 2018

    Upon our first visit here to consider the purchase of this home that we now own, the sellers mentioned the visits from porpoises that occur on a fairly routine basis. In fact, one or two came by while we were there visiting.

    However, I was not prepared for the spectacles we would later witness as homeowners in this area with the porpoise visits coming right up to the shallows below our deck. In fact, I had no idea that the porpoises had learned a technique that we would witness on a regular basis whereby they would swim a circle around the school of mullet, slap their tale on the water to cause pandemonium among the school, and then grab one of the dazed and confused mullet.

    Even better was the opportunity I received to capture the entire event on video and in an up close and personal setting right off of our back deck. Apologies for the noise in the background.

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