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  • Weather on the Coast

    Water Spout

    April 15, 2018

    One of the things I really enjoy about living on the coast is the opportunity it presents to see interesting weather related events. The picture above is of a water spout that Patty and I watched off of the back deck last year, not long after we moved here. We watched the water spout travel west to east as it moved on away from us and toward the St. Marks Lighthouse, also visible from our back deck. The spout lasted quite a long time and disappeared from view before it showed any evidence of falling apart. Weather 1

    This morning, we had another weather event. This one came in the form of a line of strong storms with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts reaching 72 mph. Despite having lived here almost a year, and going through several such events, residing in a home that is up on stilts (not to mention facing the gulf with nothing to block the strong winds coming up from the south) offers a back and forth sway of the house that I am only now getting used to. It's particularly noticeable when I'm laying in the bed or sitting here at the computer - basically any situation where I'm sitting still. I'm told that houses up on stilts are built to sway. With what I've experienced, I sure hope so! Smiley

    I'm thinking about obtaining a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and connecting it to the online Weather Underground Network. Being a data kind of guy (as I mentioned in my previous post) makes a PWS a perfect fit for this all things geek kind of guy. Smiley

    Until then, I'm enjoying the benefit of several PWS's that are online and located a stone's throw to our west over on Shell Point. They provide much more accurate information, in terms of what we are experiencing out here on the coast, than the reports for the city of Crawfordville. In fact, the differences in wind and temperature conditions can often be quite extreme between the two.

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