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  • Running Just Got More Interesting

    Vivoactive 3

    April 15, 2018

    If you asked this guy what he's passionate about in life, high on the list would be running! A week or two before Christmas last year, my sweet wife treated me to the latest and greatest in the Garmin family of runner's watches - the Vivoactive 3. Quite honestly, I've struggled over the last few years to decide if the investment was going to be worth it. However, now that I've been using it for almost four months, I can truly say that I had no idea what I was missing!

    I could not believe just how much data it was able to capture and I was definitely not prepared for the amount of information it was able to derive from that data. Neither was I prepared for the amount of realtime information the watch was able to provide during my runs and the number of options I had for configuring just what I wanted to see during those runs.

    If all of that wasn't enough to persuade me, the sync with my phone app took Running Analytics to the next level. It enabled me to review my pace and heart rate (among other things) in graphical format over the entire period of the run. Was I keeping a steady pace and how did my heart rate compare early on to the end of my run?

    I found the GPS to be quite accurate and it opened up a new opportunity that I had always desired, but never expected. Sure, it could plot the course I had run, including mile markers, but I was now equipped to take any turn on my course that I wanted to take and still get a clear read, at the end of the run, on the distance I had traveled and both the pace for each mile and the overall pace.

    An unexpected treat was the ability to track my sleep patterns, including heart rate, and do things like keep count of my steps during the day and track my estimated calories burned at any point during the day.

    Best of all, running has become more fun for this numbers guy! I like seeing the data in realtime on my runs and especially having the capability to pass the turn off to my house, do a bit of quick math in my head, add an extra leg to the end of the run, and finish that last mile right at my doorstep.

    Now that is cool! Cool!

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