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    Hot Mess Dip

    April 14, 2018

    Just south of us is the small town of Panacea, Florida. I have great memories of Panacea from my older teenage years (early 70's) as I traveled with my dad while he worked that area. I still vividly remember eating at Angelo's and Sons (maybe it was just Angelo's back then?) and fishing under the bridge right there next to the restaurant.

    The events that lead to one of my best (and favorite) fish stories occurred late one night right under that bridge! I hooked a very large ray on a very old deep sea reel and the reel broke while trying to pull him in. Dad grabbed an empty beer can off of the ground (beer cans were more sturdy back then!) and began winding line around it.

    We would both drag the can up the hill to tug on the ray and then run back down the hill winding as fast as we could. It's too bad we didn't have cell phones and video back then. You probably had to be there to appreciate just how hilarious the entire event was! Smiley

    Anyway, we moved Patty's mom down to Panacea recently to get her closer to us as she's approaching her 90's. We turned her on to Posey's Steam Room Restaurant and now she grabs lunch there a couple of times a week. I can't believe that we introduced her to the restaurant and now she goes and eats there without us. What's up with that?! Wink!

    Still, in keeping with the title of this post, one of the best kept secrets down that way is the Hot Mess Dip made by Mineral Springs by the Bay, Seafood Market. They have a lot of other great offerings, including the bacon wrapped crab and shrimp, but that dip keeps me coming back for more!

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